Meet Fred!

Fred is a one year old neutered male Akita/Lab mix. He is quite timid when meeting new people and will hide with an initial greeting. Once he is comfortable and understands that you won't hurt him Fred is super sweet and cuddly! Fred's past has not been kind so we are working with him on understanding that humans are good. Fred does well with other dogs and loves to play!

He would enjoy frequent trips to the dog park to play and socialize with other canine friends. Fred is a lot like an Akita in that he doesn't need attention and affection constantly and is content to go off and hang out by himself. Fred is crate trained, seems to be housetrained, and is working on his manners. He rarely barks!

Fred would benefit from a training class in obedience or agility to help boost his confidence. With some patience and training Fred will make a great companion and of course once you get him home you'll definitely want to get some of those photo birth announcements out to all your friends and family!

We found Fred through Random Rescue in Williamstown, Vermont.

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