Meet Molly!

Molly came back into rescue after several years with her elderly owners when they could no longer care for her. She is older, maybe as much as 12, (so you won't need to look into prenatal vitamins), but is happy and active. Molly takes inexpensive heart meds, but otherwise appears healthy. She is housebroken and very sweet.

Molly gets along very well with other dogs, loves to ride in the car, and walks well on a leash. She is very quiet unless dinner is late or she needs to go out, and then she will let you know all about it. She is not "needy" and seems to be happy just hanging out. Because of her huge coat, she appears to be large, but actually weighs less than 10 pounds. She's a lovely girl.

We found Molly through Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Thompson Station, Tennessee.

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