Meet Reggie!

Reggie is a 1 year old basset hound who came to rescue with his brother Ripley. They were both kept outside their entire lives, on a chain, with little or no socialization. Reggie has been neutered and is current on his vaccinations. He has finally caught on to his house training and is doing really well!

He is a quick learner, very loving towards the foster family and their young children and is great with other dogs and fine with cats. He loves to play and play with the foster home's other dogs. He is quite the snuggler in bed and will give kisses, but only on his terms!

Reggie appears to have been abused before coming to us. He cowers at any loud voice and appears to have even been struck. He didn't know his name when we got him, but he is responding very well now. Reggie has been kenneled off and on during his house training, but that is no longer necessary. He knows how to use a doggie door, but without one, you have to watch him to see when he wants outside. He doesn't bark or scratch to be let out, possibly due to the past abuse. Reggie rides well in the car and over all is a very happy boy!

We found Reggie through Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue in Cody, Wyoming.

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