Meet Cora!

Cora is one special and unique little girl. She came into the rescue as an owner surrender from a mother whose son purchased her from a "breeder". Cora was not very well taken care of, left almost entirely on a porch and only taken outside once a week! Not a good start to life for such a sweet baby.

Cora went into a foster home (where she is now) with two adult pit bulls and a baby pit bull (another foster). For being so under-socialized her first four months of life, she has done extraordinarily well integrating into a real home and taking direction from her doggie friends. She can be a bit headstrong with certain dogs, not aggressive at all, just seems to think she's bigger than she is sometimes. She would do fine living with another dog, but it would have to be the "right" dog. As with any puppy, Cora can still be a bit mouthy when excited.

We found Cora through PittieLove Rescue Inc., in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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