Meet Mr. Specs!

Mr. Specs has lived in rescue most of his life. He was the only one of a litter to not be rescued due to having parvo. As soon as he recovered from parvo, he was run over by a car and it did permanent damage to his left shoulder/leg . He is also having issues now with a back leg due to strain on the other legs due to the useless front leg.

Mr. Specs has really had a hard life and is needing someone who is looking for a companion. He is loyal and loving and a big 'ole baby. He has been the "surrogate mother" to many of our rescues and it is time for him to find his forever home. His personality is super and would be great for kids of an older age. He's not quite a runner but gives it all everyday. Mr. Specs is great with other dogs, cats and people, just anything really.

We found Mr. Specs through the Clay County Humane Association in Ivydale, West Virginia.

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