Meet Charlie!

From Charlie...

Woof, woof, woof, my name is Charlie. I am a handsome, young man looking for my forever family. I have been through a lot in my 6 years of life. I am originally from a humane society in Milwaukee Wisconsin where my owners surrendered me because they didn't have enough time to spend with me.

Then I was transfered to a German Shepherd rescue who adopted me out to an older woman. When they gave me a meat bone and her father tried to take it from me, I snapped at him. They returned me to the german shepherd rescue who felt I would do better with another rescue. So Happily Ever After took me in.

Then I was adopted from HEA and spent a long time with that family but one day I was scolding/barking at a neighbor dog and my little brother stepped in front of my face and got nipped, not on purpose. My dad said they had to return me to HEA but my mom and little brothers wanted to keep dad won that battle.

So now here I am...looking for family and love again. I need a family that will be active with me and keep me busy. But I also need a family that is willing to chill with me on the couch and rub my belly. Do you think you could play and exercise with me and then when we are all tired out, just sit with me on the couch?

If you think you could give me everything I need, please come and bring me home. I am a very well mannered man, I just need a family to keep me in line!

~Happily Yours, Charlie