Meet Gretel!

Gretel and her sister, Zuma, were found abandoned on an Indian reservation by a kind samaritan. Hot, dehydrated, scared and hungry, these pups were extremely lucky that this kind hearted soul happened to be passing by, stopped to pick them up and brought them to us. Straight to the veterinarian they went as we noticed immediately that they were missing their hair over most of their bodies ... the diagnosis was Sarcoptic mange.

That was over four weeks ago and with great veterinary care, follow up and medicated baths, the mange is gone and Gretel's coat is coming in so shiny and full. Zuma has already found a home but Gretel here is still looking for that great forever family. These pups are tremendously smart and Gretel will even sit on command for a treat already! She is so cute you'll definitely want to get her her own custom water bottles! She also adores humans and will snuggle with you, if she is tired that is.

We found Gretel through the Rimrock Humane Society in Roundup, Montana.

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