Meet Bob!

Bouncy Bob offers the perfect combination of energy and sweetness in a dog! This 2-year-old Boxer likes playtime with you, but he really loves attention and will doggedly try to climb into your lap every chance he gets- even though he's much too big for it!

When he first goes out into the play yard, Bob runs around the perimeter, chasing you or his denmate, getting out all of his energy. But after a few minutes of high-energy romping, Bob quickly bounds over to you, puts his head in your lap and patiently awaits your affection! This loving, great guy is also a fan of kisseswhether youre giving them, or as more often happens, if hes giving them!

He's looking for a mom and a dad so that he can spread his affection around evenly! If youre a couple looking for a sweet dog who has the energy for some real exercise and a penchant for some genuine affection, then Bob is the pup for you!

We found Bob through Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, DC.

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