Meet Faith!

Faith was discovered by a county animal control officer after she had been left in a house for more than a month without food or water. Her owner had been taken to a nursing home and Faith had been left behind. Poor Faith was extremely emaciated and barely able to walk.

Faith received extensive vet care and then moved into her current foster home. She is now doing great and looks like an entirely different dog. Her rescuers think she might be a mix of Sheltie/Border collie/shepherd mix/Jack Russell....quite frankly, who knows??

She has gained weight (she now weighs about 40 pounds) and strength, and she is really looking beautiful! She still runs with a slightly odd gait but actually gets around very well. She is completely housebroken and loves to go outside. She doesn't like the most dogs...unless we put on her little yellow rain jacket!

Faith is a very, very happy dog and an easy one to have around. For the most part she hangs out in her foster mom's office. She is very content to just snooze for periods of time, and then gets up with her tail wagging and asks to go outside or to play. Several times a day she becomes quite playful, chases her tail, and runs around the yard in big circles. She absolutely loves squeaky toys and will play "fetch" until you become tired.

Her rescuers have also discovered that Faith loves children...and kids seem to respond very strongly to her as well.

We found Faith through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Inc., in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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