Meet Zinger!

We're turning it over to Zinger!!!

"Hello! My name is Zinger. They think I am between 1 ½ and 2 years old. My foster mom says I am a very vivacious, happy go lucky little fellow. And I'm young so I won't have to look into life insurance rates yet, BOL! My temporary Mom tells me all the time how loving and special I am. I love to talk to you and whenever you speak to me, I will definitely talk back.

I just love to run and play with my furry foster sister, who is a boisterous lab mix. She is almost blind and I have sort of become her 'seeing eye dog.' I guide, and she follows. I can run like the wind and cut corners like crazy. I would love to receive some agility training and learn some fun new tricks. I am a Border Collie mix and weigh around 25 pounds. My mom also says that I am extremely gentle and submissive. I haven’t met a stranger yet. I just want to be friends with everyone."

We found Zinger through Cabarrus Pets Society in Concord, North Carolina.

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