Meet Millie!

Millie is a Terrier mix. Cute, very friendly, great with kids and other dogs and walks nicely on the leash.

She is approximately 1-2 yrs. old, weighs 12-15 lbs. Millie had 3 pups at the shelter before being rescued and is still nursing them. She will be available for adoption in about 4 weeks.

You won't want to miss getting new tv stands for that pawsome TV so you can watch great vids you take of your new adopted family member! Her only wish for Christmas is, finding a loving home.

We found Millie through Animal Connections in Troy, Virginia.

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Meet Jewel!

Jewel is approximately eight months old. She needs some work/training, but her will to learn is there; and with patience she will make someone a very lucky dog parent.

Very friendly and playful, she is good with kids. Currently she is being kept outside, but her rescuers are looking for an inside home for her. She currently can't be kept indoors because she doesn't get along with the family cats at her foster home.

She weighs approx. 60 to 65 lbs and isn't a barker or howler. She's very social and learning to walk on a leash. She does dig and chew but, she is still a pup. A fenced in yard is highly recommended!!

We found Jewel through the Perry County PA Animal Rescue in Millerstown, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Bosco!

Bosco is an adorable adult Boxer/lab Mix He is neutered and up to date with his vaccinations and he gets along with absolutely everyone. He has such a gentle playful personality; he would make anyone a great pet.

You'll definitetly want to check into getting an RV and some rv financing so you can take those fun family trips with Bosco! Won't you consider giving him a home?

We found Bosco through the Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue in Brentwood, Tennessee.

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Meet Husky!

This is Husky. He is about three years old and has lived on a farm until now with his 11 brothers and sisters.

They all had to move. So he is looking for a new Forever Home, and wants you come see him! Be sure and look into iphone insurance, so you can take great vids and photos of Husky while you're out and about!

We found Husky through the Central Kentucky Regional Humane Society in Lancaster, Kentucky.

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Meet Abbot!

Abbot was found running loose with another dog on someone's farm. He is a bit fearful of new situations. His rescuers guess is nearly 18 months old. He seems to be good with other dogs. They were told he was not good around the farmers cats so we will not adopt him to anyone with cats.

Abbot loves to go for long walks and does rather well on lead. He loves the one one. He's healthy, but it's always good to look into the best vitamins for men dogs. He is quiet playful and funny.

We found Abbot through the Morrow County Dog Shelter in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Meet Bleu!

Bleu is a cocker spaniel. He is a sweet boy but he will take awhile to warm up to you. He can be in a home with other dogs but not with children.

Bleu is still pretty young, so there's no need to look into treatment for arthritis, just yet!

We found Bleu through the Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in Colfax, Illinois.

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Meet Astro!

This splendid Border Collie/Setter mix boy was found as a stray. He was scheduled to be killed in the inhumane gas chamber at Midland County Animal Control on 9/14, but a wonderful Humane Society foster home stepped up and took him in. Astro was adopted out quickly to a kind lady who owns a busy store in a small community, where he was to be the mascot. True to his herding dog ancestry, he soon chose a job - guarding his mistress, and it has not worked out for him in this placement.

The store owner is devastated, because she loves him very much. Astro is extremely intelligent and knows all basic commands. He walks beautifully on a leash and even brings his leash when it is time for a stroll! He comes fully vetted and doesn't even have a single blackhead on nose. His rescuers feel that Astro would thrive best in a home with no other pets. Once his trust is earned, he will love you with all of his huge heart!

We found Astro through the Humane Society of Midland County in Midland, Michigan.

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Meet Sunshine!

On Oct 29 & 30, 2010, a team from Southside Animal Shelter went to Mexico, MO to one of the largest dog auctions on one of the largest puppy mills in the country. This operation was being shut down due to numerous USDA violations and bad publicity.

They were determined to keep as many dogs as they could from going back into the puppy mill system. This is our little Miss Sunshine. She is so happy to have people give her love and attention. She loves to be held and who can resist that little face. She's getting used to treats and toys, which she probably never had in her young life, but that will all change now.

We found Sunshine through the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana - that's where I was adopted from!

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Meet Pookalu!

Pookalu is under a year old. She's a wired haired Doxie mix. She's a very sweet and loyal dog who gets along well with others. She loves attention and would make any family a great pet.This dog has been spayed, micro chipped, wormed and is current with all the shots.

We found Pookalu through Stonecliffe Animal Rescue in Lemoore, California.

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Meet Cheech!

Cheech is a sweetheart who is learning to be independent. He loves being close and cuddling with people. He will fasten his body to yours as soon as you pick him up and nestle his head deep under your chin. He looks up to you frequently to catch your eye as if to say I love you. He is starting to play with other dogs, both big and small. His favorite sleeping spot is his foster mom's extra pillow!

It took Cheech a while to come out of his shell, but he now loves greeting all of the people and animals at his foster's household with eagerness and excitement. He is finding his voice to play but is not yippy at all. You'll definitely want to head out and get him some great dog stuff on Cyber Monday!

We found Cheech through EnchantMutts, Inc., in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Meet Thai!

Thai is a 4 year old Chow/Shepherd mix. He and his best friend Sasha belonged to a man that recently died. They are now looking for homes that will love them and take them in and treat them like they have been a part of the family all their life.

They dont have to go together, but we would love to see that happen, and were sure their previous owner would agree. Thai is very sweet and easygoing. He is well behaved and acts like the perfect gentleman. He is neutered and current on his shots.

We found Thai through the Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, Arizona.

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Meet Calliewags!

Calliewags is a 1yr old basset hound who is looking for a home where she can be boss! Calli is being relinquished due to problems with the other female dog at her home. Calli needs to either be an only dog or with a male dog. She is spayed, current on her vaccinations and house trained.

Calli gets along great with people, but is really a mans dog. She is wonderful with kids, but not cats or small dogs. She walks very well on a leash, likes showers and knows how to shake for a treat. She is a small girl, weighing around 40 pounds, but has a big bark, a velvety soft coat and loves to be the center of attention.

Her relinquishing home said she is a gold medalist in counter surfing and a world-class tug-of-war champion! She likes to go for rides, too.

We found Calliewags through the Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue in Cody, Wyoming.

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Meet Goliath!

Goliath is a male Jack Russell mis, approximately 15 months young. He is very playful and gets along with other dogs. Goliath loves to play with his toys and being right next to you.

This little guy would make a great addition to any family. You are certainly going to want to get a video camera, monitor and some nice speakers all set up, to capture the life of this little guy!

We found Goliath through the Bismarck Impound Facility in Bismarck, North Dakota.

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Meet Hunter!

Even though Hunter is part black Labrador Retriever, he is medium sized and a super cute boy!

He does need some training like all young dogs, but he's a very nice. His rescuers guess his weight to be about 35 pounds. Maybe you could teach him some tricks and get him to sing with you on a karaoke machine! Arrrrooooo!

We found Hunter through the Story Co. Animal Shelter in Nevada, Iowa. They are an animal shelter serving all of Story County.

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Meet Roxie!

We're turning it over to Roxie...

"Hi my name is Roxie. I am a young purebred Bichon Frise. I am barely 4 years old born 10-2-06. I came to rescue because of life changes of my owner. I am such a loving 15# girl. I love to be around people. I get along well with other dogs or would enjoy being your one and only love. I am housebroke and ready to go. I was raised with children and just absolutely love them."

We bet Roxie would love some great massages, maybe you could pick up some tips through massage therapy program online!

We found Roxie through Rapids Little Dog Rescue in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

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Meet JohnBoy!

Just 14-16 weeks old. Was surrendered to a high kill shelter. This little guy is a sweet as can be, loves life and enjoys a new adventure everyday. Is learning his puppy manners. Has had 2 of his puppy shots, his bordetella and has been wormed.

We found JohnBoy through Luv A Paw in Wautoma, Wisconsin.

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Meet Bridger!

Bridger is a neutered ibe year old male tri-color Aussie mix.

He is a very sweet and affectionate dog. He likes to go for walks and loves the pool full of water. He gets along great with other dogs and children. Bridger is well mannered, great in the house with small children. He doesn't seem to chew on anything, but his toys and bones.

He ignores the cats and follows his foster mom everywhere. He'd be great as a bud to hike, walk or jog with; and serve well as fat burners for men, BOL! Bridger only weighed 36 pounds when he came to rescue, but he has put on a few lbs. His estimated date of birth is August 4, 2009.

We found Bridger through Pierre / Ft. Pierre Area Humane Society in Pierre, South Dakota.

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Meet Karizma!

Karizma is a 12 year old female Cocker Spaniel Mix. Her rescurers recommend no children or other animals in the home please.

This beautiful girl has a bowel disease which causes her to get bladder infections on a regular bases. When these attacks occur, she has to potty all the time and will very often go in the house or wherever she is standing. She will potty sometimes 5 ~ 10 times in a row before settling down. Her rescuers have her on easily digestible food and some pills to help keep her internal track healthy.

Karizma is a sweetheart and will make a tender companion dog to a retired couple. She is potty trained when she is not in an attack.

We found Karizma through Azure's Safe Haven in Orem, Utah.

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Meet Huckleberry!

Huckleberry is a male Border collie mix that came to rescue from a North Dakota puppy mill. His foster mom is working with him on the basics of wearing a collar, walking on a leash, and not gobbling up all his food at once.

The breeder he came from was not able to supply him with an adequate diet and plenty of fresh water. So he is learning that there will be plenty to eat and drink with timed feedings.

Huckleberry is an young adult dog, who has been neutered, shots up to date, wormed, treated for fleas and vet checked. You'll most certainly want to celebrate with the best rated cigars when you get this gem!

We found Huck through Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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Meet KeeLee!

KeeLee is a great red gal; three to four years old, neutered and up-to-date on her vaccinations. She is housebroken and trained with a doggy door. Little is known of her origins. She has been in foster care since July, 2010.

KeeLee is a very active girl. She to run and walk and loves a game of fetch. She is also happy to sit on the couch next to you and watch TV but she will stay on the floor if asked.

While she gets along with children, KeeLee is likely better with older children as she is a little tank and could knock over a small child, or elderly person.

She is good with other dogs as long as they are non-aggressive, but KeeLee prefers to be the center of attention. Be sure and look into car insurance rates before you go and pick her up!

We found KeeLee through the Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Meet Cassie!

Cassie is about 6 years old and weighs 7 pounds. She was on death row and she just jumped in her rescuers arms when she went in to look at another dog. She doesn't know she's a chihuaha or that there are a million of them out there every day getting put to sleep.

This little girl is just a wonder ful dog that loves everyone. She would make anyone a great family pet.

We found Cassie through Stonecliffe Animal Rescue in Lemoore, California.

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Meet Dude!

"Dude" was a stray and weighs in at about 11 pounds is only about 10" tall. His favorite activity is to pop balloons! It is the funniest thing to watch.

He has been fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped and is now ready to go to his forever home. He also has had a haircut since these photo's were taken and is even cuter.

His rescuers don't know what his name was before, but they've started calling him "dude" because they would say, "come here dude". The last few days they have started adding oodles to the end. So he responds to Dude and Dudoodles now.

He's very eager to please and loves to hang with his human and is so excited when you come back home.

We found Dude through Pacific NW JRT Rescue in Snohomish, Washington.

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Meet Whisper!

Whisper is a absolute doll! She would make the perfect family pet! This little girl is a little over 4 years old. She loves to play ball and does use a doggie door to go potty outside.

She gets along well with other dogs and would do fine with cats as well. Whisper does have a health condition that will require some medication but this doesn't slow her down.

We found Whisper through Safe and Sound Dog Rescue in Molalla, Oregon.

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Meet Asia!

Asia's dad had to move, and he couldn't take Asia with him. She is a sweet, gentle young lady, that is ready to move into your home and life.

She is well socialized, and very people oriented. Asia loves to give kisses and will steal a kiss every chance she gets

We found Asia through Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue in Laurel, Montana.

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Meet Peanut!

Peanut was found on the 1300 block of River Ave. North in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Not much is known about her, except she is looking for her furever home!

We found Peanut through the Tri-County Humane Society in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

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Meet Laredo!

Laredo is a young and playful girl who is probably just about a year old. She likes other dogs and is housebroken. Her manners around children and cats are unknown at this time.

We found Laredo through Intermountain Humane Society in Pine, Colorado.

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Meet Crockett!

Crockett is a very bouncy, fun, clown of a dog. Belly rubs are a favorite and he loves to be picked up and cuddled. He gets along with some other dogs and likes cats.

Crockett walks well on leash and enjoys walks in the country and around town but doesn't want to be petted by strangers. He loves being a buddy and hanging out with the guys. Crockett has a slightly crooked front leg (from birth) but it doesn't keep him from enjoying all kinds of companionable activities.

We found Crockett through Safe Haven Kennel in Yerington, Nevada.

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Meet Skids!

Skids is a 1 year old hound mix that was brought in as a stray that was running around on a jobsite here in town. No one came looking for this handsome fellow, so his rescuers had him neutered and he is now current on his inoculations.

Skids is a youthful guy who likes to run and play. He is very smart and will do great learning new tricks and going on hikes. He is definitely a family dog and would love to have a nice family he can be part of.

We found Skids through the Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, Arizona.

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Meet Kahlil!

Kahlil is a 3 year old Siberian Husky. He is a wonderful dog and would be a great companion for someone who like to hike or ski. He and his sister Nala were taken to the shelter when their owner moved.

We found Kahlil through Arctic Breeds Rescue in Provo, Utah.

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