Meet Cheech!

Cheech is a sweetheart who is learning to be independent. He loves being close and cuddling with people. He will fasten his body to yours as soon as you pick him up and nestle his head deep under your chin. He looks up to you frequently to catch your eye as if to say I love you. He is starting to play with other dogs, both big and small. His favorite sleeping spot is his foster mom's extra pillow!

It took Cheech a while to come out of his shell, but he now loves greeting all of the people and animals at his foster's household with eagerness and excitement. He is finding his voice to play but is not yippy at all. You'll definitely want to head out and get him some great dog stuff on Cyber Monday!

We found Cheech through EnchantMutts, Inc., in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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