Meet Archie!

Say hello to two-year-old Archie!

He's a pleasant fellow whose family hit on hard times (all too common an occurrence these days). Archie is a roughcoat Saint who is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm-negative.

He appears to enjoy the company of children, and he's friendly with most other dogs. He's only been in rescue a short time but has already learned where the treat jar is. He knows a few commands and does well on leash.

Archie would like to be part of a family again. He misses having someone with whom to watch TV or hang out in the backyard. He's a pretty mellow guy who won't mind chilling out while his humans are at work or school. You sure won't need to look into male enhancement products with this dude, BOL! Though preference will be given to the applicant with a fenced yard, consideration will be given to someone willing to walk him on-leash and not leave him outdoors unattended.

We found Archie through New England Saint Rescue in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

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