Meet Buck!

Buck is just great. His new nickname is "lovejoy" because he is full of love and just so happy. He greats along with two male weims, a female weim, one large mix breed female and one male Yorkie. He wants to play with them all.

He greats along with kids ages 5 and up. He grumbles very little now when he has to share the water bowl or the couch with another dog. He is learning that shareing is not so bad. We'e sure when you get him home you want to buy gold online and make him the coolest collar ever! Buck is housebroken, crate trained and learning social skills with other animals and large groups of people.

It is great to see him initiating play with other male dogs and sleeping on the couch with two other male Weims. He is making progress. Buck is not cat or small dog friendly.