Meet Cody!

This handsome, very sweet, big boy has proven himself to be a wonderful, friendly dog at the shelter.

Cody is a pedigree Akbash, a breed superior at livestock guarding and commonly used in Idaho to protect herds of sheep and goats. The Akbash breed instincts have been well preserved. Accordingly, in conjunction with their job, they tend to be aggressive toward other dogs and very protective of their territory.

That said, Cody has surprised us all... he is very good with other dogs at the shelter and he would rather play with them than scare them off! He loves people, and enjoys attention. We are not certain how protective he would become once in a home, but given his observed demeanor at the shelter, he certainly seems to fit the role of a good family companion. Cody is able to scale 8 ft. fences, and will need a home where he is not left in a yard all day

We found Cody through the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Hailey, Idaho.

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