Meet Dolly!

Dolly is a special needs dog with a very special personality. She adores people, and will dance to be picked up. She only has one eye, and that eye has an advanced cataract, but Dolly learns her space very well. She always knows when company pulls up and excitedly greets everyone. Never met a stranger. She goes outside and explores, then comes right back up the steps and into the house. She is housebroken.

Dolly was turned in at a shelter as a stray, so we have no idea of her age. She was suffering from a horrible skin infection and was mostly bald, but is doing very well now. She gets along fine with other dogs, loves a dog bed, and really is not much trouble at all. She seems to particularly love men.

We found Dolly through Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Thompson Station, Tennessee.

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