Meet Dude!

This big boy is 10 years old and just a big teddy bear!

Dude came to recue when his owners moved and they could not take him. Dude is housetrained, good with dogs, cats, kids - he is a typical Golden, in that he just wants to be where you are. He is kind of funny looking right now.....his coat is very thin and he is overweight (112 lbs!)

Dude's thyroid is on the low end of normal, but his rescuers feel he has had some allergy issues. Dude is well mannered and obedient. He is used to hanging out in the house. He cannot do stairs very well - we were told that his hips have not been the best, even when he was young. This boy will make a wonderful friend and companion. He would love to go for walks around the neighborhood, but would probably not tolerate long walks or hikes too well.

We found Dude through Companion Golden Retriever Rescue in West Jordan, Utah.

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