Meet Sweetie!

A very wonderful Critter Cavalry foster in Tennessee named Susan got an SOS call one day about an abandoned dog and a cat that had been left in a house that was empty and people had moved away, leaving them with no food or water.

She went to this horrible house and pulled them out of the wreckage through a window and took them home. The cat didn't make it. The American Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix did. She named her Sweetie.

At about 5 years old and weighing a solid 55 lbs. Sweetie is an interesting dog with a very deep soul. Kind of a sadness about her when you first meet her. But there is still a flicker of hope for happiness dancing in her eyes. Especially when she feels she will be getting your attention.

We found Sweetie through Critter Cavalry Rescue New England in Coventry, Rhode Island.

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