Meet Meadow!

Meadow is a beautiful, rust-colored Bloodhound mix who came to CCRF from another shelter. She's about 2 years old and weighs about 65 pounds. Though she has the classic sad, disgruntled face of her breed, Meadow is a happy, curious girl who wants a home to call her own!

She likes to lounge around and absolutely loves long walks where she can pick up a scent and explore! She walks well on a leash, though she can pull a bit when she's on a scent, and she is crate trained.

We found Meadow through Chicago Canine Rescue in Chicago, Illinois.

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Meet Beagle Bob!

Say hello to Bob the Beagle! Sure, it looks like he's challenging you to a staring contest, but that's just Bob...a lovable and somewhat quirky beagle. Bob came from our local animal shelter, and we think he's a young adult (2-3 years old). No telling how his story began, but we know how it will continue from here - with a permanent home and some human friends to call his very own!

Bob is a pretty easy going guy. He likes people and is being fostered with another dog and cats. He's got a pretty cute party trick, too, which is bunny hopping on his back two legs when he gets really excited about something.

Bob walks on leash, is crate and potty trained and ready for that special someone to settle down with...could that be you?

We met Bob through Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership, Inc - ARPO in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Meet Olive!

Olive is a Bassett/beagle mix. She has been in long-term foster care since May of 2007. She'd make a wonderful addition to your family and you could even send out baby girl announcements after adoption!

Olive is being fostered in Frankfort Kentucky. Here is what her foster mom says about her:

"Olive is extremely loving, and loves attention; but she needs a home with no cats. There can be no room for cats in Olive’s life which is the reason Olive needs to find her forever home. Her front legs are deformed and she becomes extremely agitated if you try to clip her nails or touch her feet. She has no mobility problems from the deformation. She is very fast and can easily jump to heights of 2-3 feet. She is approximately 35-40 pounds and rarely barks.

She loves walks and when she is off-leash at a farm, she behaves more like a beagle as she runs and sniffs for small critters. She loves finding stuff to roll in when she is at the farm and adores being dirty but she will tolerate baths so that she is allowed inside. She knows basic commands and comes when she is called although when you call her inside she behaves as if she is in trouble. I believe she is 6-7 years old. I think she was the only resident in her past home as she is an alpha dog around my younger dogs. She tolerates other dogs but doesn’t play a lot with them."

We found Olive through Owen County Friends of Animals, Inc., in Owenton, Kentucky.

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Meet Misty!

Misty is a fun playful little girl. She was born on April 19, 09. She needs another dog to play with as she loves other dogs and is very bonded with her sister.

And what a cutie!!! She's so young you wouldn't even need to look into term life insurance quotes, BOL!

Misty has been spayed/neutered, is up to date on all my shots including rabies, heartworm tested (neg), microchipped, dewormed for intestinal parasites, and currently on a heartworm and flea preventative.

We found Misty through Lost Angels Animal Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

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Meet Tag!

What do you say about this face! Tag has a face that everyone could love.

This boy is so funny, sweet, snuggly and wonderful. He is about 1 1/2 years old and weighs about 55 lbs, and appears to be a Bassett hound lab mix. He looks very labby, but has short legs, a long body and snout, and has those wonderful hound ears.

Tag gets along with everyone and loves to play all the labby games...fetch, keep away, tackle, and run around the yard as fast as you can. Tag does have some anxiety issues and needs to be placed in a home where some one is home most of the time and a home with other dogs. His foster mother has worked with him and he is left out uncrated. He does well with his other labby foster brothers and sisters to keep him company. Tag has been socialized with older children, men, and women. He is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, and heart worm negative.

We found Tag through Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption in Lewisville, Indiana.

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Meet Beau!

Beau is a 1.5 year old Briard, he weighs approx 75 lbs. He is a very loving boy who gets along well with both dogs and cats.

He likes kids over the age of 8, under the age of 8 he will tolerate however he is not as patient with children who move quickly. With patience his rescuers have doubt in time he will understand that all kids are his friends.

He is potty trained and crate trained, does well on a leash and is doing well in the car on trips less then 2 hours, over two hours he might get sick. He is a very mellow guy who would love to find a nice quiet life....maybe with you. Beau needs more socialization and the full commitment of his new family.

We found Beau through Kindred Canines in Modesto, California.

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Meet Maggie!

This is Maggie, and she is 10 years old. She does not counter-surf, nor climb on the furniture. She is mostly housebroken, and when she has an accident, she lets you know.

Maggie used to bark constantly when her foster parents left, but she is getting better. Maggie likes walks, and rolling in the snow to make "doggie angels". She gets along well with the other dogs in the family, and will bark at the cat when she sees her, but does not chase her.

She would do best with a home with another dog, since she doesn't like to be alone. Maggie likes to squeak her toys!!

We found Maggie through Guardian Angel Basset Rescue Inc., in Dwight, Illinois.

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Meet Luna!

Luna is such a cute little thing! She loves to be with people and is very happy to sit in your lap or lie at your side. She is looking for a loving home where she gets her much deserved TLC.

Luna is good with other dogs but needs a little time to warm up and prefers ones that aren't super active. She is also good with cats and ignores them. Due to Luna's size her rescuers will not place her in a home with young children. She is 3 years old.

We found Luna through Must Love Dogs NW in Vancouver, Washington.

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Meet Houston!

Houston is around 5 yrs old (as of 10/13) and is a Malamute/Australian Shepherd mix. He is a fantastic looking dog and has an intelligent face and a nice fluffy tail.

He weighs 60 – 65 lbs. He is a cheerful dog who is outgoing. He is very social and will charm you with his personality. He is an affectionate dog who will greet you with a tail that doesn't stop wagging. He will be glad to give you kisses if you let him. He wants to be right by your side, and is very interested in all people. In new situations he may be a bit needy until he feels confident.

Houston is well mannered and is not a big barker. He may be house trained as he had no accidents when in foster care for a couple days. He likes going for walks and does well on the leash. He also knows sit. He is good with other dogs, although he wants to be the dominant dog. When in a large yard, he will come when you whistle for him. He did very well with his temperament test and is tolerant. Houston is a wonderful dog and will surely bring you plenty of love.

We found Houston through the Paris Animal Welfare Society in Paris, Kentucky.

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Meet Laddy!

Laddy loves people and other dogs. He is so social that if both parents work, he'll be sure to find a way to visit the neighbors. Laddy's was born in March of 2008. He currently weighs 60 pounds and has not finished growing, so far there's no need for a Plano cosmetic dentist check up, BOL!

Laddy boy loves to go for runs in the woods and play in the creek. Did I mention he gets along with horses as well?! His favorite things are to run and play, and then lay at your feet (or in your lap) in the evening. Laddy has also been crate trained.

We found Laddy through in York, South Carolina.

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Meet Zsa Zsa!

Zsa Zsa was rescued from a horrible puppy mill in Nebraska. She is still a little nervous around people, but if you get down to her level she will come over for love and petting. She is a smart girl, as Vizslas tend to be. She will continue to make progress.

She is a happy, silly, fun loving girl. She loves her roommates and her big play yard. She is having loads of fun now that she has freedom and comfort for the first time in her life.

We found Zsa Zsa through Hearts United for Animals in Auburn, Nebraska.

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Meet Cowboy!

Cowboy is a wonderful, gentle guy. He appears to be a mix of a deerhound, and a greyhound. He has the moves and calm manners of the greyhound, the build, and the athleticism. But, he has the wiry hair of a deerhound. Whatever breed he is, he is a remarkable boy.

Cowboy is loving and gentle, gets along well with other dogs, and people. But-a typical site hound-he does not like cats! He would do well with a family with older children, a large fenced yard to run and play in, some nice walks, and maybe another dog.

We found Cowboy through Eye on the Sparrow in Yorkville, Illlinois.

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Meet Sassy!

Sassy was turned in to a local shelter by her family. She was heartworm positive. Her rescuers took Sassy in, despite her age, and have treated her for heartworm disease. Sassy is a tiny girl, she weighs about 9 pounds, and a typical Xolo. She gets along with other dogs, but prefers to be the center of attention.

She loves to lay on your lap, and wants to sleep in your bed. She has dry eye, and her vision is not 100%. She is fairly quiet, and also loves to sun herself on the porch or patio. If you are careful to put her out and watch that she goes when she is outside, she will not have accidents in the house. Sassy would love a home with someone who wants to give her the attention and love she deserves for the remainder of her life, even in New York, so you could keep up with that New York job search. She was very sad at the shelter, and loves the company and attention of people.

We found Sassy through Chinese Crested, Hairless & Small Dog Rescue of FL in Hudson, Florida.

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Meet Duffy!

Duffy is a 4 year old male silky terrier who was rescued from a Memphis kill shelter. Duffy's elderly owner died and her children brought Duffy to the shelter where owner-surrendered dogs are often euthanized right away. Luckily he was spotted by a volunteer that very morning and they managed to get him out of the shelter just in time.

Duffy is an independent little dog, not clingy or needy, easy and low maintenance. I bet he would love to take one of those Orlando vacations with you! He prefers a quiet, non-hectic home life where he can nap on the couch or in his little dog bed at his rescuers feet while she's work on the computer.

He ignores the cats and coexists peacefully with my other dogs, however he doesn't play with them and I think he'd be perfectly happy as an only dog. He's crazy about balls, likes to carry them around and take them to his bed but doesn't fetch and retrieve. Good on a leash (he wears a halter as do all our small dogs) and rides well in the car.

We found Duffy through Good Dog Rescue in Enfield, Connecticut.

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Update on how you can help the animals in Haiti

IFAW, WSPA, and Other Groups Band Together To Help Animals in Haiti

YARMOUTH PORT, Mass., Jan. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) have formally agreed to head up a coalition of groups to address the needs of animals in Haiti following the earthquake that devastated the country.

On January 12, a 7.0 earthquake – the largest in 200 years – rocked the small island nation, reducing buildings to rubble, and demolished the capital, Port-au-Prince. Tens of thousands of people are feared dead and countries such as the United States have pledged troops and aid to the Caribbean nation. The international response to the devastation has been the largest outpouring of support since Asia's 2004 tsunami.

In addition to the massive humanitarian crisis, there are an estimated 5 million head of livestock in the country (mostly goats), a large stray dog population, an untold number of companion animals, and native wildlife all adversely affected by the earthquake.

IFAW and WSPA have formally agreed to lead a coalition of animal-related charities to collaborate on all work in Haiti. The belief is that partnering across organizations is the most effective way to address the serious and enormous problems facing animals in Haiti.

"This is a massive challenge and animal non-profits need to cooperate as much as possible," said Ian Robinson, IFAW's Emergency Relief Director. "We're already concerned about a possible outbreak of rabies, leptospirosis, or another zoonotic disease. We need to set up vaccination and feeding programs as soon as possible. Finally, we need to get acute, critical care to the animals that need it most. There's a lot to do. More than we can do alone."

Currently, a team is staging in the Dominican Republic waiting to get into Haiti to begin work. IFAW and WSPA have also begun to stock a mobile clinic with vaccines, antibiotics, bandages, food, and other supplies in anticipation of bringing direct aid to animals.

"We're not certain exactly what we'll be doing, when we'll start, or what challenges we'll face," said Robinson. "But we know a few things: we're prepared, we've set up a system to work together with other groups, and, given the scale of this disaster, we know we'll be there a long time."

Just announced this morning:

ASPCA Joins Coalition to Help Haitian Relief Efforts

How you can help

By donating to any one of these three organization, you can help the animals of Haiti and contribute to the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH):

Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
American Humane

The American Red Cross is accepting donations by phone for human relief. You can text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross's efforts, or call 1-800-Redcross or 1-800-257-7575. Visit their Web site to find out more.

You can also donate to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) who have deployed many dog/handler search and rescue teams to help with funds needed in the search and rescue efforts in Haiti.

Meet Healthcliff!

This is Heathcliff, and he is doing amazing in foster care and seems to be over his battle with Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

He is happy, settled, and chillin' with his homie girlfriends in foster care. His cage training and house training has gone very well. Once you get him home, we're sure you'll want to tell all the tails, maybe set up a blog, and use some seo tools and get the word out about how great Healthcliff is!

Heathcliff is an American Field bred Orange and White English Setter. He is an older Setter-perhaps 7ish. He's had a rough life and deserves a second chance at getting as much love and attention as he deserves.

We found Heathcliff through Ohio Birddog Rescue in Columbus, Ohio.

For more information about Heathcliff, click here!

Meet Wrinkles!

Wrinkles is a mail Sharpei, about 2-3 years old.

He's friendly and loving and has a moderate energy level. He is a lovable boy and his tail never stops wagging. Wrinkles is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered, although you may want to look into some firming face cream for those cute Sharpei wrinkles, BOL!!!

We found Wrinkles through the Hancock County Animal Shelter in Hawesville, Kentucky.

For more information about Wrinkles, click here!

Meet Reno!

This is Reno and he's a 2 year old woolly reddish fellow who is truly special! When the people who found him brought him to the shelter they could see I was different but what a surprise when the vet neutered me and found I am very special. Not that it matters much to anyone here or to his future life.

Reno is a strong dog. He really likes people and gets along just fine with other dogs, too, so he would make a great partner for the best fat burning exercises. He's looking for someone to love him just the way he is - happy and furry!"

We found Reno through Almost Home Animal Shelter in Mora, Minnesota.

For more information about Reno, click here!

Animal rescue and disaster relief efforts expected following Haiti earthquake.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all of those effected by the massive earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday, January 12th.

Concentrated efforts are being reported to bring aid, relief, medical care and any needed assistance to those so greatly impacted by this horrific tragedy.

The immediate priorities are for the humans affected and we are getting reports that  Search and Rescue dogs from all over the World are being mobilized to help in search and rescue efforts of the thousands of missing in the disaster area.

One of the easiest ways to donate to help humans in need is to text the word "Haiti" to 90999 to immediately donate $10 (which will be deducted from your phone bill). Or you can visit the American Red Cross website to donate funds.

We are also hearing reports that beginning as early as next week, a wide variety of animal disaster and rescue groups will be mobilizing to help companion and farm animals in need.

Here are several links you can follow for updates on animal rescue efforts over the weeks to come:

Animals in Disaster Blog World Society for the Protection of Animals
International Fund for Animal Welfare
American Veterinary Medical Association and their AVMA Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams
Humane Society of the US
Human Society International

We will continue to update this post as new information progresses.

(photo courtesy

Meet Brownie!

Brownie is a four year old shaded red male rough coat chow chow that weighs 46 lbs. He is an exceptionally sweet boy with a gorgeous smile.

He is friendly toward people and gets along very well with other dogs. He rides nicely in the car and loves leash walks, so he would be great to take nice long walks with so you won't have to consider the best diet pills. Brownie has been successfully treated for heartworms and is a healthy, happy boy that is a true delight.

We found Brownie through Chow Chow Rescue & Adoption in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For more information about Brownie, click here!

Meet Bailey!

Beautiful Bailey loves people and gets along well with children and other dogs. She loves to play fetch and run around the yard. Bailey is crate trained, up to date on shots, spayed, and microchipped.

She weighs approx. 14 lbs, so there's no way you'll need to look into lipozene reviews. If you would like to make Bailey a part of your family, contact Pets Are Worth Saving.

We found Bailey through PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) in Florence, Alabama.

For more information about Bailey, click here!

Meet Nicky!

Meet Nicky, a gorgeous 2 year old female Cane Corso.

Nicky was surrendered by her previous owners to a high kill shelter when they reported they didn't have room for her anymore. She is extremely sweet and loving. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

We found Nicky through Almost Home Animal Sanctuary in Limekiln, Pennsylvania.

For more information about Nicky, click here!

Meet Toni!

This little girl is quite the pip, and she doesn't think she is little!

Toni was picked up running at large with her friend Chaz (the rescue will allow them to be adopted together or separately) and from their behavior and condition, I would guess they were breeder dogs from a puppy mill type situation.

Toni has a lovely temperament, is sweet and forward, wants to be with her person, is good with cats (that do not run) and other dogs.She is crate trained, and appears to be housebroken.

Toni loves to play with big dogs. She enjoys chase and wrestling, and will pick up a ball, although does not engage, she just carries it around.

While small, Toni is not a 'lap dog'. I do think she would enjoy sitting with her person while watching tv, but she adores being outside and would make an excellent companion dog for someone who hikes or walks, or gardens...Toni is not a wanderer, but should be leash walked outside of a fence.

We found Toni through Mid-Atlantic (Kent County) Border Collie Rescue in Chestertown, Maryland.

For more information about Toni, click here!

Meet Sophie Showers!

Sophie Showers was born March 15, 2007 and weighs about 27 lbs. She is sweetie, very loving, and very cute!

She's been around children as young as 2 and did well. She's nicely housetrained, good on leash, loves to go for rides and loves to play ball. She will wander if let off leash so a fenced yard or an environment where she will always be on leash is best. She will chase cats, so a home without a kitty would be more comfortable for everyone.

We found Sophie Showers through Joyful Rescues in Cuba, New York.

For more information about Sophie, click here!

Meet Snowy!

Snowy is a very tough girl! She is nothing but muscles She needs to have a strong athletic owner.  Because of her strength and activity level she must go to a home with children older than 12 years old.

She is young, about a year old and has lots of energy to burn, so I'm sure she'd love to take a nice long hike around Red Rock Canyon through one of those ice las vegas vacation packages.

We found Snowy through Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter, Inc., in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

For more information about Snowy, click here!

Meet Tera!

Tera and her brother are both great with other dogs & love people. They love to be held. Her birthdate is 08/13/09 and she weighs 9.7 lbs. She has been vet checked, spayed, is up to date on all routine shots & worming including rabies, and is microchipped.

We found Tera through Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group, Inc., in Mishawaka, Indiana.

For more information about Tera, click here!

Meet Chewy!

Chewy is a wonderful, 3 year old tiny Pom that is reported to be mixed with German Spitz. He measures 10 inches high at the shoulders and weighs about 10 pounds (he needs to lose a little)! His owner had to turn him in because her mother was sick and she needed to move to Maine to care for her.

Chewy is very friendly with people and dogs although he would prefer to be an only child. He is very protective of his owner and will bark and act aggressively when with his human if anyone or another dog approaches. Once he is used to his family or pack, he seems to settle down and "allow" others to approach.

He looks like he'd love to take to the open road, but be sure and look into a pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney, BOL! He loves to go in the car and on walks and walks well on leash. Choo-Choo's perfect home would be with a single person without any dogs who is active and likes to go on frequent walks and trips.

We found Chewy through ResQ Animal Coalition in Redding, California.

For more information about Chewy, click here!

Meet LC!

This adorable little guy was found running the streets and a TARA volunteer took him in. L.C. was in bad condition when he came to us but we nursed him back to health. Look at him now! He's a real little prince!

His rescuers can only imagine what kind of life he led before he was taken into TARA but its all over now. L.C. has put his ordeal behind and is ready to adopt a new family that will love him forever. This sweetheart is looking for a home that has a doggy door or where he wouldn't be left alone for more than 3 hours.

He is only about 15 pounds but what makes him even more special besides his pretty black coat and adorable face is the fact that he has no ear canals... which of course means that he is deaf. But have no fear, this little guy can communicate with you just fine with his beautiful brown eyes and wiggly body and tail!!

We met LC through The Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A.) in Independence, Missouri.

For more information about LC, click here!

Meet Annie!

Annie is shy with some men. Her foster mom thinks she is a very smart girl who can easily learn just about anything if someone out there is willing to put time and effort into earning her trust.

She about 1 year old and is spayed and vaccinated. We are looking for that some one who has time and patience to help her become that beautiful dog she can be!

We found Annie through Pets For Keeps in Kearny, New Jersey.

For more information about Annie, click here!

Meet Jake!

Jake is a handsome little fellow who came to rescue from the Easton shelter...he was a bit too rambunctious for them to adopt out. He was misidentified as a cocker spaniel/shih tzu mix.

He is 5 1/2 years old, He has a long, smooth coat, droopy ears, and a long tail that waves around and constantly signals his mood, which is usually happy, and mostly expectant. He is pretty set in his ways and a little headstrong. He's quite playful, and has made lots of friends with whom he romps around and wrestles, and never has a tussle developed into a nasty disagreement. I would be cautious with him, but he's a great dog and if his ego is respected, you would have a wonderful companion.

He weighs in at 17 1/2 lbs. He's in great health, up-to-date with shots, and well house trained as far as we can tell. I imagine he'd investigate and maybe tease cats, but he wouldn't attack them. He lives with a great many dogs, and there has never been any fights.

We found Jake through Small Dog Rescue in Princeton, New Jersey.

For more information about Jake, click here!

Meet Aubrey!

Aubrey is a black brindle, beautiful scottie girl who is looking for a new lease on life. She was released from a commercial breeding facility where she spent the first three and a half years of her life.

She is cautious and wary in new surroundings but is gradually learning that good things can come from human hands. She is spayed, current on vaccinations and HW negative. Aubrey is crate trained but she will need work on her house training skills.

You'll definitely want to pick up a new camcorder before you adopt this little gem to capture all the wonderful moments!

We found Aubrey through Saint Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue in St. Louis, Missouri.

For more information about Aubrey, click here!

Meet Skippy!

This is Skippy. He weighs 13 lbs., and is about 4 years old. The vet thinks he is possibly a Schipperke and Pomeranian mix.

Skippy plays well with the other dogs at his foster home, but does not like cats. He would make a great companion for a mature couple. He's very healthy, but it's always wise to put together a health savings account for your new pup. He's housetrained, neutered, UTD on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative and on preventative, and microchipped.

We found Skippy through ROCK Rescue in Marion, Indiana.

For more information about Skippy, click here!