Meet Amanda!

Amanda is a 3 year old black lab. She is great with other dogs and kids.

Amanda's tail has not stopped wagging since she has been with her rescuers...all those wags are personalized gifts, straight from her!

She goes from one person to the next just wanting to be petted.

We found Amanda through Paws for Life in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

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Meet Trixie!

Trixie is a 5 month old hound mix that is just adorable. She is loving and full of energy. Trixie gets along well with everyone and would love to have a home where she can get lots of attention.

She has been with ARF since she was just a pup and has received lots of love. The only thing she is missing is a home to call her own.

We found Trixie through Animal Rescue Fund of MS in Pelahatchie, Mississippi.

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Meet Sparky!

Sparky is a very gentle 1 yr old Shepherd mix that was in rescue when he was just 4 weeks old. His owners decided to turn him back in since he continually got out of the yard.

Sparky really is a great dog. He is good around children of all ages and minds his manners, remarkably. He gets along with other dogs and already has many doggie friends at the dog park.

Please keep in mind, he will need a secure fenced yard and lots of exercise and activities to keep him healthy. He should not be kept tied up or locked in the back yard, but rather made a member of your family.

We found Sparky through the Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, Arizona.

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Meet Crissie!

Do you like big, soft, huggable dogs? The kind that push their face against you and sigh with contentment while you wrap your arms around them and bury your face in their fur? Then Chrissie is the girl for you! Chrissie has a sweet, mild-mannered temperament, and she loves to be loved.

She enjoys attention and hugs. And she knows how to sit and shake hands, too! Since she knows those things, she's probably housetrained too, but her rescuers don't know for sure. She's a very big girl, and has pretty, fluffy fur. She's really very huggable! Chrissie is about 7 years old.

Update - Her rescuers found out that Chrissie has a back problem that cannot be fixed by surgery, but may respond to rest and medication. She's getting around a little better every day, and they are still hopeful that she'll be able to find a loving home. She can still be a wonderful pet, and if you want a big couch-potato who won't jump up on you or run hyper around the house, but just lays adoring at your feet waiting to be loved, Chrissie might be the perfect girl for you! She's such a wonderful dog.

We found Crissie through Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

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Meet Finn!

Finn is a bit shy and could use some confidence boosting through additional training. He is a loyal, smart dog that is a quick learner and would appreciate the same qualities in his new owner.

And what a looker he is! We bet his photo would look wonderful in a glass tile mosaic!

We found Finn through Three Rivers Rescue in Snoqualmie, Washington.

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Meet Ellie!

Ellie is a gorgeous Yellow lab mix, about 3-4 years old. Ellie has a ton of energy and not much for manners. She is a very sweet girl - who would thrive in an adult home where she would receive lots of exercise and attend basic obedience classes.

Ellie loves to play - and makes everything a toy. She is highly food motivated - and will do anything for a treat. This will make her easy to train. She already knows how to "sit." She is quite mouthy when taking food - so not a good match for families with small children or sensitive fingers:)

Ellie is not a dog for a family that wants a mellow, couch potato Lab. She, however, would love to be part of a family that hikes, jogs, snow shoes, etc. She's very healthy though, so you won't have to look into life insurance quotes :). Her rescurers have not had time or people to train her to go to the potty outside. So this will be a job you have to take on.

We found Ellie through Charley's Strays in Maine.

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Meet Violet!

Violet is a very shy, sweet older dog that would love to be in a home with someone who's home more and needs a companion. She's a good girl who needs a lot of love.

We found Violet through Story Co. Animal Shelter in Nevada, Iowa.

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Meet Suzi Q!

Suzi Q is charming and loves to be near you. She is housetrained; crate trained, spayed, and rides nicely in the car. Shes got a great smile, button eyes, and those unique ears! As with many terriers she will be happiest in a family that understands that terriers need to know the rules of the house or they will make up their own.

Suzi Q gets along with the dogs and cats in her foster home but would really enjoy being the only diva in her family. She is very athletic and smart and would excel at dog sports, such as agility. At approximately 8 months to a year old, Suzy is a young dog who continues to learn her manners.

We found Suzi through Animal Connections in Troy, Virginia.

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Meet Parker!

Parker is new to rescue. More to follow as his rescuers get to know him a little better. Parker is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

We found Parker through Great Pyrenees Rescue of WI. Inc., in Neshkoro, Wisconsin. They are a non-profit corporation run by a group of pyrenees lovers who, in cooperation with many other pyr-lovers across the country. They volunteer their time, money for the benefit of pyrs in need.

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Meet Spike!

Spike is a 2 year old male pug. He is very sweet, likes to go outside for walks, is good with other dogs and cats, and seems to be house trained.

Spike did come to rescue as a stray so they don't know a whole lot about him, but you can bet he beat the odds and didn't need a life insurance quote! He is a great boy and would love to find his forever home.

We found Spike through Morrison County Animal Humane Society in Little Falls, Minnesota.

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Meet Flirt!

Flirt is a medium size spayed female Boxer mix, born in June of 2008. Flirt came to the shelter as a stray.

At first, Flirt was a bit timid, but once she realized she was among friends, her happy, goofy Boxer personality emerged. Although still a bit timid at first meetings, Flirt has proven to be quite friendly and sweet.

She gets along well with other dogs, but she may be a bit too interested in cats to share a home with them. This pretty girl is very athletic, always ready to go hiking and exploring the world. And she has great skin, no eczema, BOL!!! Flirt would do best in a home where she will get regular exercise and where she will, of course, be treasured and loved forever.

We found Flirt through Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Hailey, Idaho.

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Meet Maggie!

Maggie is doing well in her foster home. She has lost 15 lbs & looks great, so she won't have a need for a diet supplements review :). She has a strong prey drive & will watch squirrels & birds in the back yard for hours.

Maggie hangs out in the house with her 2 foster brothers while "mom" is away at work. Like most weims, she is a counter surfer, so she will teach you to keep your kitchen tidy & the trash safely tucked away behind a closed door! Maggie would be happy as an only dog or in a home with other large breed dogs. She is house trained, spayed, current on vaccinations, & on HW prevention.... ready for her forever home!

Maggie is a big, happy 3 year old female. She was abandoned by her owner. She is housebroken, knows sit and walks on a leash. She is spayed, UTD on shots and hw negative. She gets along well with her weimie foster brothers, and has been introduced to other large dogs and did fine. We do not know about small dogs or cats. Maggie enjoys her daily walks with her new foster mom and likes to run around the yard with her new brothers.

We found Maggie through Weimaraner Rescue of the South in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet LouLou!

Loulou has so much personality. She is a cuddler, a kisser and wants to be near you. She "smiles" and is so happy when she sees you.

Loulou went through a lot but never lost her spirit. She stole the heart of an animal control officer who wanted her life saved. Loulou completed her heartworm treatment. She also got a dental cleaning done since her previous owner never spent a cent on good food or any medical for this girl.

Oh, she is a Diva!!! She is great with other dogs and is good with cats (if they don't run she will leave them alone). She does not like small furry animals like rabbits and chickens. She's active so you won't have a need for the most effective diet pills, BOL!

We found LouLou through Forever Homes in Kempner, Texas.

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Meet Sky!

This dashing blue boy, Sky, is an amazing dog!!! Just over a year old, Sky does great with cats of any size. Sky has shown that he is not compatible with small children, and would do best in a home with kids in their teens.

He's crate trained, has no issues apart from not being good around kids. He's active so you won't need to look into any phentermine reviews, BOL!!! Sky came from South Los Angeles to find a new home and a fresh start! You won't be sorry with this boy!! In this picture he looks brown, but he's Sky Blue!

We found Sky through Mariah's Promise in Divide, Colorado.

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Meet Dobby!

Dobby was named after a Harry Potter character and it really suits him. He is young, about 15 months old and very very agile.

He has very cute unique ears. We do not know what he is mixed with but he definitely shows some Catahoula. He is a nice boy, gets along with other dogs and blossoming after his brief stay in a shelter which almost cost him his life.

Dobby is a skinny boy, so won't need any best weight loss products. His rescuers located his previous owner but they weren't interested in taking him back home. Dobby doesn't understand why either but he is hoping for a new committed family to love him forever.

We found Dobby through Catahoula Rescue Inc. New England in Warren, Maine.

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Meet Thomas!

Thomas is a 2 yr old neutered male 21 lb Doxie mix. He can be timid when meeting new people, but warms up quickly with treats. Thomas is sweet, gentle, playful and LOVES other dogs!

Thomas is working on basic manners, crate training, and house training. This nice little guy hopes for a warm lap to snuggle on soon! All he needs is his Titan luggage packed up and he's ready to go!

We found Thomas through Good Karma Rescue Inc., in Montpelier, Vermont.

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Meet Misty!

Misty is about 8 years old and what a great little girl!! She is very small, about 13 pounds, very friendly, and she only wants to find her forever home.

She is spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, micro chipped, and appears to be house trained and crate trained. She is being fostered in SW Florida so you won't have to find a philly job!

We found Misty through Schnauzer Rescue Florida in Winter Haven, Florida.

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We made it to Tennessee!

After a long trip south, we finally made it to our new home in Tennessee, and doggie heaven!

Here are just a few of photos of our new land. After a week of getting settled in, we are just loving it here. Now all we need is a nice fence, so we can set up our agility equipment. Mum says it will only be a week or so, can't wait! And the nice thing is that since Mum works from home she won't need to find a job and we'll have more time for hiking!

Here's a photo from the front porch of our cabin.

And here's a photo from the back porch of our cabin.

And here's a photo of me and Gracie enjoying the neighbors dog run, which the let us use until we get our fence put up.

We can't wait to explore more!

Meet Rudy!

Rudy is an adorable mix of Terrier and Dachshund. He was rescued from an animal hoarder when her house burned down. Rudy is now in a foster home, in good health and getting plenty of socialization.

He loves to be held and loves to play with other pups. The corners of his mouth turn up so it looks like he's always smiling- so cute!! And he's so smart, you won't need any need for textbooks! Rudy comes with vaccines up to date and a contract to be neutered at 6 months of age.

We found Rudy through Citizens for Animal Rights and Education in Decatur, Tennessee.

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Taking a short break!

Hi everyone...Johann, your host for Rescue Me here!

I wanted to let you know that we will be taking a short hiatus over the next week or so, and for the first time in at least two years, we won't be posting a dog in need each day during that timeframe.

We are going on an exciting adventure to a new life living in a cabin in Tennessee, and we need the time to get moved and settled.

Thanks so much for your understanding! See you in a week or so!

Oh in the meantime, feel free to visit the rescue organizations on the sidebar...they have lots of pups looking for their furever home!

Woofs, Johann