Meet Oreo!

Oreo is a beautiful black and white male Boston Terrier, about 3 to 4 years old. He is a very high energy little guy, so he won't need any apidexin, BOL!

Oreo is very loving. It has been suggested that he may do better in a single-pet family, not because of any aggression but because he is in constant motion.

We found Oreo through the Garrard County Animal Shelter in Lancaster, Kentucky.

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Meet Molly!

Molly came back into rescue after several years with her elderly owners when they could no longer care for her. She is older, maybe as much as 12, (so you won't need to look into prenatal vitamins), but is happy and active. Molly takes inexpensive heart meds, but otherwise appears healthy. She is housebroken and very sweet.

Molly gets along very well with other dogs, loves to ride in the car, and walks well on a leash. She is very quiet unless dinner is late or she needs to go out, and then she will let you know all about it. She is not "needy" and seems to be happy just hanging out. Because of her huge coat, she appears to be large, but actually weighs less than 10 pounds. She's a lovely girl.

We found Molly through Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Thompson Station, Tennessee.

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Meet Honey!

Honey is a female hound mix (and may be part greyhound), who was an owner surrender. Her previous family moved from a farm into town and didn't think that it was fair to have Honey tied up outside all day and then in a kennel all night.

Honey does fine with other dogs and cats and does great with kids. She is about 3 years old, house trained and doesn't have any dramatic weight loss stories. A farm would suite her best but she could also do fine in town with alot of exercise. Please go and meet her!

We found Honey through the James River Humane Society in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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Meet Sky!

This dashing blue boy, Sky, is an amazing dog!!!

Just over a year old, Sky does great with other cats of any size. Sky has shown that he is not good with small children, and would do best in a home with kids in their teens.

Even though he doesn't come with Mercury insurance reviews, he's crate trained, has no issues apart from not being good around kids. Sky came from South Los Angeles to find a new home and a fresh start. You won't be sorry with this boy! In this picture he looks brown, but he's Sky Blue :)

We found Sky through Mariah's Promise in Divide, Colorado.

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Meet Rio!

Rio is probably between 1 and 2 years old, gets along well with other dogs, but is a bit shy, so he will need someone that can work with him to overcome his shyness.

Rio is neutered, has one brown eye and one blue eye and is a very pretty red & white, and is also a “wooley,” but certainly won't need any Acneticin, BOL!! Once you get to know Rio you will absolutely fall in love with him.

We found Rio through Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico Inc., in Cedar Crest, New Mexico.

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Meet Billie!

Billie is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, an 11 month old male. He's a fun loving, gentle, playful, high energy goofball, and can even be a bit obnoxious on occasion. He needs ongoing training to grow up into a polite and settled gentleman, but he's quite playful and affectionate, and loves toys and balls and people.

He was raised in a fraternity house out east, they bought him at 8 weeks, ordering him off the internet (from a puppy mill in some state like OK or MO). He gets along fine with cats and with other dogs, though will defend himself if provoked. Billie is smart and eager, and needs a job to do. Not a couch potato, Billie is too high energy to go to a home with small children, but he won't need Lipofuze, he's totally fit, about 24" tall and about 75 lbs.

We found Billie through Thirdtyme Rescue in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Meet Whisper!

Whisper was found in the Nekoosa area. She is a special needs dog, the vets checked her. They think that Whisper has a congenital spine defect. She does not appear to be in any pain, but it is harder for her to move around. She is very sweet and loves to play. .

Whisper is currently in foster care hopefully making life a little easier for her. She is still available, so if you would like to meet her, please contact the SWCHS

We found Whisper through the South Wood County Humane Society in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

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Meet Maggie!

Maggie is getting older, but she is very sweet and has a lot of love to give her new family. Maggie is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

We found Maggie through Real Rescue Inc., in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

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Meet Midge!

Our Midge is a funny little girl. She loves to go for walks but prefers to run- were you looking for that running partner? She is very intelligent and needs to be challenged. A securely fenced yard will help her release some of her energy.

She will chase cats, so she will need to be in a catless home or in a home with dog-savy cats, though she would enjoy the company of another dog to play with. She likes older children and would be good in a home with kids over 8 years old. Are you ready for a new spunky friend? Midge is 2 years old and weighs 20 lbs.

We found Midge through the Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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Meet Ooodles!

Oodles is just a funny and comical boy!! He is 3 years old and weighs 16 pounds.

Oodles is a fun and happy dog! He is great with everyone and has never met a person or animal he does not love! If you are looking for the dog that can go anywhere with you and love everyone, Oodles is the one for you. He is energetic without being hyperactive. Oodles is great with other dogs, cats, and would be wonderful with children.

We found Oodles through the Rescue Farm in Poland, Indiana.

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Meet Hoppy!

Hoppy is a 7 year old Basset/Bichon mix. He was part of a hoarding situation. He is easygoing and well mannered. He has lived his life around many other dogs and children and has had the option to come and go in and out as he pleases.

He is likely house broke, but could use some work with walking on a leash. His rescuers have faith that Hoppy will make a wonderful addition to your loving home.

We found Hoppy through the Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, Arizona.

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Meet Misty!

Misty is about 8 years old and what a great little girl!! She is very small, about 13 pounds, very friendly, and she only wants to find her forever home.

She is spayed, utd on shots, heartworm negative, micro chipped, and appears to be house trained and crate trained.

We found Misty through Schnauzer Rescue Florida in Winter Haven, Florida.

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Meet Coy!

This is Coy, a one year old Heeler pup who was turned over by his owners a year ago because they could no longer afford to care for him, nor did they have the time.

He is fun loving and outgoing and is used to being around kids. He likes to play fetch and loves to chew on chew toys and bones. He gets along with other dogs and enjoys playing for hours.

He has the cuteset face and spunky personality to go along with it. He is a water dog for sure, and loves to play and splash in the kiddie pool in the play yard, and is the perfect dog to take off leash to the river or lake.

We found Coy through the Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, Arizona.

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Meet Lady!

Lady is housetrained and she will let you know when she needs to go out. She does not chew furniture or get into the garbage or other things when left alone. Sleeps on the bed with her owner. She will usually be found laying quietly at the feet of her owners when they are eating or watching TV in the living room.

Her previous owners said she is very good with children and that they had children of all ages around her. Has never nipped or growled at any person. Lady is trained to walk on a leash and knows sit and stay commands. She loves to play with a hard rubber bone, loves car rides, is is very friendly and playful. She would love a home where she can be the only pet. Lady is professionally trained in basic obedience!

We found Lady through Dont Bully My Breed Inc., in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Winston!

Meet Winston he started out with a hard life. He is so happy to finally not live outdoors. He is a sweet boy who needs an owner who will teach him about life and that the world will be kind to him.

Won't you give Winston that love and home he has never had?

We found Winston through Love A Mutt Pet Rescue in North Bend, Washington.

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Meet Brody!

This is Brody, a Bermese Mountain Dog mix. He weighs about 50 pounds, is 1.5 years old, up to date on his shots and has been neutered.

Not much else is known about Brody, except he is a cutie and is looking for his furever home.

We found Brody through The Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Jones!

Jones has lived life on the fast track, but is now ready to settle down. He loves running - has done several marathons, and would love to be your running companion or coach. He loves swimming and playing most sports - baseball is his favorite.

On hot summer evening he enjoys relaxing by your side and a good bowl of ice cream. He can afford to eat it since he runs so much. Jones just might be your ticket to losing that extra 10 lbs you have been working on, a best buy in our book!

We found Jones through Heart of Georgia Humane Society in Macon, Georgia.

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Meet Fred!

Fred is a one year old neutered male Akita/Lab mix. He is quite timid when meeting new people and will hide with an initial greeting. Once he is comfortable and understands that you won't hurt him Fred is super sweet and cuddly! Fred's past has not been kind so we are working with him on understanding that humans are good. Fred does well with other dogs and loves to play!

He would enjoy frequent trips to the dog park to play and socialize with other canine friends. Fred is a lot like an Akita in that he doesn't need attention and affection constantly and is content to go off and hang out by himself. Fred is crate trained, seems to be housetrained, and is working on his manners. He rarely barks!

Fred would benefit from a training class in obedience or agility to help boost his confidence. With some patience and training Fred will make a great companion and of course once you get him home you'll definitely want to get some of those photo birth announcements out to all your friends and family!

We found Fred through Random Rescue in Williamstown, Vermont.

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Meet Angie!

Angie is a 40 lb. Boston Terrier mix. Her hair is short and she is a high energy dog. When she runs, she is fast like the wind. She loves to play and tumble with other dogs, needs a six foot privacy fence when she's outside.

Angie would like to be the alpha, but she's not aggressive, and has a bark that says lets play. She makes a good watch dog, as she barks when someone comes over to alert us, then wants them to play with her. Angie is about 3yrs old. Her rescuers would like to see her homed with older/no children.

We found Angie through Love to Spare in Eddy, Texas.

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Meet Yana!

Yana is about 1.5 years old. She looks like she was born in mid '08. She weighs 7 pounds and is a bit shy. She was found with her pups at a trailer park. She wants to be loved and is very sweet.

She needs a quiet loving home with no children. Yana has been spayed, micro chipped, wormed and is current with all the shots.

We met Yana through Stonecliffe Animal Rescue in Lemoore, California.

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Meet Reggie!

Reggie is a 1 year old basset hound who came to rescue with his brother Ripley. They were both kept outside their entire lives, on a chain, with little or no socialization. Reggie has been neutered and is current on his vaccinations. He has finally caught on to his house training and is doing really well!

He is a quick learner, very loving towards the foster family and their young children and is great with other dogs and fine with cats. He loves to play and play with the foster home's other dogs. He is quite the snuggler in bed and will give kisses, but only on his terms!

Reggie appears to have been abused before coming to us. He cowers at any loud voice and appears to have even been struck. He didn't know his name when we got him, but he is responding very well now. Reggie has been kenneled off and on during his house training, but that is no longer necessary. He knows how to use a doggie door, but without one, you have to watch him to see when he wants outside. He doesn't bark or scratch to be let out, possibly due to the past abuse. Reggie rides well in the car and over all is a very happy boy!

We found Reggie through Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue in Cody, Wyoming.

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Meet Dustin!

Dustin was rescued with the help of loving, wonderful neighbors from an abusive home. For the last 18 months, this young Golden boy spent his life 24/7 as an outside dog and the rare interactions he had with his former "owners" were met with physical abuse.

What is astounding, however, is that in spite of what he has endured, he has retained the pure, innocent, forgiving heart of a Golden Retriever. Dustin is amazing. He is so sweet, so gentle, so eager to please, so hungry for a soft voice and a gentle touch. He is a survivor. He is velcro. He is a treasure and now he is safe.

Dustin deserves a truly Golden experienced home. A home filled with love, respect, patience and the commitment to prove to this boy that his loyalty and devotion will be returned a million times over...never betrayed again. He will need a family whose members are prepared to continue his introduction to structure and routine, believes in the best prenatal vitamins, and will allow him to thrive in a world where everyday is an adventure as well as a training opportunity.

We found Dustin through GRIN inc.--Charlotte County Chapter in Murdock, Florida.

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Meet Zeeke!

Zeeke is very intelligent and thrives on attention and consistency. He is sometimes a little reserved when meeting new people. However, he is confident, active, and ready for any outdoor activity that you would like to engage in with him.

Due to his coonhound breed he will do best in a country home that is willing to keep him physically exercised. This can be done with brisk, long walks or hiking on a leash. The best part is you won't need any phentermine, BOL! As any hound he can get a scent and be off before you know it. Zeeke's previously life consisted of being in an outdoor kennel.

Zeeke is seeking a home where he can be a true companion to his family. One that will give him lots of attention and be patient as he learns what home life is all about.

We found Zeeke through the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA in Penacook, New Hampshire.

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Meet Rocco!

Rocco is looking for a home! He is a sweet, fun dog.

Rocco is a Rottie mix who is approximately 7 years old. He is up to date on all his shots, he is on heart worm preventive and very playful. Rocco loves to go on long walks or just lay down in the same room you are in and just relax.

He would make a wonderful companion for someone who does not have children under 14 years of age and has a home without cats or very small animals. Rocco does seem to be okay with most dogs smaller than he.

We found Rocco through PoundHounds Inc., in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

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Meet Angel!

Angel looks somewhat like a powder puff Chinese Crested, although larger. She was shaved as a Crested might be when she was found as a stray, but her fur has grown out now and is soft and curly.

Angel is very shy and doesn't seem to have had a lot of socialization. She does enjoy attention and gentle petting, and would be a great pet for a quiet household with someone who is willing to work with her a little to help her overcome her fears. She appears to be housebroken.

We found Angel through Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

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Meet Charlie!

His former owners have allergies, so Charlie is now looking for a new home. Quiet, focused and attentive, very intelligent, and a good walking companion, this guy knows commands (including sit and shake) and is a fast learner.

Charlie likes car rides, going to the dog park, and has been kennel-trained. Rope toys, fetch, and playing chase are some of his favorite pastimes. He loves cuddling and giving kisses and is a very sweet, loving and affectionate dog.

We found Charlie through Anchorage Animal Care and Control in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Meet Yoda!

Yoda is a 5 month old neutered yellow lab/border collie mix. His approximate date of birth is 11-4-09 and he weighs around 25 pounds.

He has a fine bone structure with handsome markings. Yoda's tail is tipped in white, each leg partially white and his muzzle wrapped in white.

He is doing very well on his housetraining. He loves to play with other dogs and cats and enjoys the company of people of all ages. Besides, playing in a fenced in backyard, Yoda is used to spending his days inside until it's time for his daily walk which he looks forward to. He also travels well in a vehicle. Yoda will make a great addition to any family.

We found Yoda through Pierre / Ft. Pierre Area Humane Society in Pierre, South Dakota.

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Meet Frisky!

Frisky is a 6 month old terrier mix. He has tons of energy, but he also likes to have affection, calm down and be a lap puppy.

We found Frisky through the Story Co. Animal Shelter in Nevada, Iowa.

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Meet Scout!

Scout is a big, handsome 4 year old male. He has been in the rescue program for a long time now. He came to them lacking socialization after having limited contact with people as a youngster.

Scout's special need is that it takes him a long time (days, weeks, possibly months) to trust someone new. Scout will walk on leash and rides well in the car, but sometimes will put his brakes on and/or try to bolt if faced with something new and unfamiliar. He goes to the groomer and has made trips to public places to gain social experience.

Scout has never gone potty in his inside kennel area and enjoys sleeping on a big soft bed. He is a big goof ball once you earn his trust and loves to have his tummy rubbed. Scout is best suited to an adult home able to continue giving him the training and experience he needs. He would do best in a home with a well socialized large breed female canine companion and it is unknown how he would do with cats. Secure fencing required for safe outside time, and it's best to keep the e cigarette away.

We found Scout through Great Pyrenees Rescue of Central Illinois in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Taser!

Tazer is a beautifuly marked, male Border Collie He was born March 2009 and gets along great with his kennel roommates and with the shelter staff.

It would be great to help him be more healthy and put him on the best supplements, once you get him home!

We found Taser through the Garrard County Animal Shelter in Lancaster, Kentucky. They are a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to the protection of all animals from cruelty and exploitation and to the elimination of pet overpopulation. Working to insure the well-being of all animals, the shelter is committed to educating the public about responsible pet ownership, advocating the humane treatment of all animals, and inspiring compassion toward every living creature.

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