Meet Becka!

Becka is a very pretty Connecticut girl who needs a loving home! She is about two years old with light tan spotting.

Becka knows the sit and down commands and is learning how to walk nicely on a leash. She loves her toys and enjoys bringing the ball back to the lucky person who gets to throw it! Becka is spayed and has had her basic shots.

We found Becka through Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

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Meet Raven!

Raven story is not the best. She was not treated nicely in her former home and now seeks the companionship of an adult home only!

Raven is fun and loving but it will take just a little bit of time for her to know she will be adored for being herself,rather than a punching and pulling toy.

We found Raven through Meriden Humane Society in Meriden, Connecticut.

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Meet Diesel!

Diesel was surrendered by his owners to a shelter in Miami, Florida and we just cannot understand why ?

Everyone that meets Diesel comments on how gorgeous he is and they love his natural tail! He would be great for an active family, one that likes to walk , hike, swim, run. He is very affectionate, a quick learner and dog social.

Diesel has been in foster care learning basic OB, he is very playful and gets super excited about his toys. A home with small kids is not recommended because he may accidentally knock a child over in play. Diesel has a gentle nature but will require a home with someone who is looking for an active dog that will give him daily exercise and who will continue to be consistent with his obedience training .

We found Diesel through Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York in Monticello, New York.

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Meet Mouse!

Mouse, so named because, with his big floppy ears reminding his rescuers of Mickey Mouse, is a pudgy, very active, happy bichon.

He's happiest when he is around people and is very people oriented.He was a stray in NYC.

He weighs 18 lbs. and is thought to be about nine years old. He gets along with other dogs, but he's not particularly fond of them.

We found Mouse through Small Dog Rescue in Princeton, New Jersey.

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Meet Pepe!

This petite little guy is a Husky mix, and under a year old. He is such a sweetie, and if you watch closely, you can even catch him smiling at you!

We found Pepe through Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney, New York.

For more information about Pepe, click here!

Meet Gemini!

Gemini is approximately seven months old.

He is an awesome puppy. He likes everyone including both dogs and cats. He is playful, intelligent and very outgoing.

We found Gemini through Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter in Helmetta, New Jersey.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Rescue Me!

Happy Holidays!

Meet Fleetwood!

Meet Fleetwood.

He was a faithful dog to the bitter end. He stayed by his owners side until help came, to late for her. He is a lonely boy, now in need of attention and affection.

He is a bit confused as to what is going on and therefore he is a bit excitable. He is approximately four years of age and seems to be good with other dogs.

We found Fleetwood through Perry County PA Animal Rescue in Millerstown, Pennsylvania.

For more information about Fleetwood, click here!

Meet Ogy!

Ogy is a great older gentleman who was picked up as a stray in central Ohio. He gets along with his three MWBTR foster siblings, two cats, and the two horses of his foster household.

Ogy's favorite thing to do in the morning is run out to the barn and share morning grain with the horses. Ogy is completely potty trained, but will have an accident if left at home longer then 8 hours for that reason he would be best placed in home where someone will be able to let Ogy outside every six hours.

He is such a sweet guy who's idea of fun is just laying next to his person on the couch.

We found Ogy through the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue in Columbus, Ohio.

For more information about Ogy, click here!

Meet Kiwi!

Kiwi is a tri color spayed female Pem who was born 7/8/2005.

She has no concept of the dangers of being on roads so she really should have a fenced yard. However, she does enjoy her walks and it shows.

has been on a diet and exercise. Walking can help her keep her girlish figure. Besides she loves it. Walking helps keep her activity level at a good point what with her curiosity.

Kiwi has been good with children in the foster homes neighborhood. Shes a happy and friendly dog with everybody over about 10 years of age. She is ok with dogs that she is familiar with but aggressive to strange dogs. She is confused by cats so mostly just ignores them.

We found Kiwi through the Ohio Valley Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club in Centerburg, Ohio.

For more information about Kiwi, click here!

Meet Raliegh!

Raliegh came to rescue back in June with a staff infection of the skin. He has been nursed back to health and ready to be adopted.

Some of you may remember the "Rally for Raliegh" campaign from earlier this year. He is very friendly and ready to romp and play. He will be a great family addition.

We found Raliegh through the Fluvanna SPCA in Troy, Virginia.

For more information about Raliegh, click here!

Meet Gaston!

Gaston is a four year old purebred Pap who are looking for a new home. He gets along with dogs and cats, and even farm animals.

Except for regular visits to the vet, their elderly owner kept him inside for all of his life. He has come a long way in the six weeks he has spent with his foster mom. From barely walking and using pee pads, h now enjoys the outdoors and will play and do his business outside.

We found Gaston through Animal Connections in Troy, Virginia.

For more information about Gaston click here!

Meet Mel!

Mel is a very sweet and mild-mannered adult Basset Hound/ Australian Shepherd mix who is happy to just hang out with you.

He is a laid back guy just looking for a quiet home.

We found Mel through the Greenbrier Humane Society in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

For more information about Mel, click here!

Meet Toby!

Toby is a registered full blooded beagle. He was used as a rabbit dog until he reached his golden age. Then his owner decided Toby was no longer of any use.

Poor Toby was then put up for sale with his companion. The companion found a buyer but Toby was too old for anyone's interested. Now, Toby is lost and alone.

We found Toby through the Clay County Humane Association in Ivydale, West Virginia.

For more information about Toby, click here!

Meet Sumo!

Sumo was born July 15th, 2010, this little beauty is from a hound mother. That is about all we know about his breed.

He is a happy and healthy boy and will be ready for adoption at the end of September. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister !!

We found Sumo through the The Hemingway Group in Bennett, NC.

For more information about Sumo, click here!

Meet Jethro!

Jethro is a happy go lucky boy who loves to be by your side. His narrow little tail is always wagging. No cats or small dogs.

We found Jethro through Project Racing Home in Randleman, NC.

For more information about Jethro, click here!

Meet Isabelle!

Isabelle is a beautiful and sweet little dog who is very shy but affectionate with dogs and people. She is an excellent companion dog.

She is currently crate trained and house trained and she lives in a home with her brother Nikolas and other dogs of all sizes. She is currently 7-8 months old and will not be much bigger than she is now. She has a lot of IG in her - but her little face is so sweet - there is pug there, too.

We found Isabelle through the Animal Protection League in Columbia, SC.

For more information about Isabelle, click here!

Meet Whitt!

Whitt is an adorable Boxer mix puppy who is active but very sweet. Whitt wants nothing more than to be with you!

He is good with other dogs and fine with cats. He is friendly and seems to be very smart.

We found Whitt through SQ Rescue in Columbia, SC.

For more information about Whitt, click here!

Meet Kaden!

Kaden is an unusual boy with long-hair and a big personality. At only 8 months old, Kaden already weighs 75 pounds and is still growing.

Sadly, Kaden was the result of a back-yard breeder and kept in isolation much of his young life. He was initially very scared of new people and experiences but is fast becoming a social butterfly. Kaden is currently in socialization boot camp and is doing great at learning new skills and manners.

We found Kaden through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue in Haines City, FL.

For more information about Kaden, click here!

Meet Sequoyah!

Today we're turning it over to Sequoyah!

"Hi, I'm Sequoyah! That's a handsome name, don't you think? I'm here with my best friend Daisy. The rescue operation where we were is shutting down and we need to find homes. Daisy is the outgoing one while I'm a little shy at first, especially with men. I am very attached to Daisy. We run and play together. I'm such a pretty boy! I might do best with a lady owner and with children no younger than 12. I'm fine with dogs. My bond with Daisy shows what a loyal and loving dog I am!"

We found Sequoyah through the SPCA, Inc., in Lakeland, FL.

For more information about Sequoyah, click here!

Meet Jake!

Jake is a very sweet Scooby Doo look-a-like! He really loves people and gets along with other dogs. Jake wants nothing more than your attention! He gets very excited to run around!

He also has a very unique curly tail and a very unique look to his face! If you've never met sweet Jake, you are missing out! Oh and you may want to look at homes for rent and make sure he has plenty of room to run!

We found Jake through All About Animals Rescue in Macon, GA.

For more information about Jake, click here!

Meet Cooper!

Cooper is a 20 month old Pekipoo male. He is a little timid initially, but very sweet and loving when you get to know him.

He's also housebroken, neutered/spayed, all shots. Cooper will need periodic grooming and lots of love and attention.

We found Cooper through the Heart of Georgia Humane Society in Macon, GA.

For more information about Cooper, click here!

Meet Lola!

This is little Lola.

She has more definitive boxer markings than her siblings and is a bit smaller. Size does not keep this gal from playing just as hard. She has a spunky personality and would love to kiss you today!

We found Lola through the Animal Rescue Foundation Inc., in Milledgeville, GA.

For more information about Lola, click here!

Meet Oreo!

Oreo is a sweet pup who was purchased by a rescuer from an abusive owner. Fortunately, the owner had her living with a family, including children, with whom she got along very well.

She is an active and rambunctious girl, and is very loving and loyal to those who are good to her.

We found Oreo through Birmingham's Animal Adoption and Rescue Center in Birmingham, AL.

For more information about Oreo, click here!

Meet Flippy!

Flippy likes to "flip" her ear up when she gets happy... and nothing would make her ears "flippier" than getting adopted! Come meet this special girl today!

We found Flipper through BJC Animal Control Services in Birmingham, AL.

For more information about Flippy, click here!

Meet Colton!

Colton was found as a stray running with his buddy Naomi near Waynesville. Colton is a young energetic dog that is super friendly. He needs some practice walking on leash, but really is a good boy.

If no one steps up to claim him he will be looking for a new home. Colton will be neutered and up-to-date on his vet care prior to adoption.

We found Colton through 2nd Chance For Pets/Dewitt County Animal Shelter in Clinton, IL.

For more information about Colton, click here!

Meet Reagan!

Today we're turning it over to Reagan!

"I am one awesome chick! I am a snuggle bug likes to have lazy days on the couch but also play when you are ready too! I am in fostercare so call fostermom and she will fill you in all about me!"

Reagan is a spayed female, approximately 3-4 years old, up to date on shots. She's house broken, crate trained, very respectful and obedient, quiet and extremely cuddly. She is a quick learner and does a few tricks. She is currently in a foster home with several cats and dogs that she has learned to respect.

We found Reagan through Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in Colfax, IL.

For more information about Reagan, click here!

Meet Ghost!

Ghost is a three year old male Caucasian Shepherd who weighs about 115 lbs.

Ghost has an extensive story as he was believed to be an urban myth in the small town of Cullman, Alabama. People reported seeing a small horse in the dark of the night coming into their yards to visit their dogs. After years of sightings, animal control was finally able to bring Ghost in.

Trainer John Stolzer with Canine Inc., was willing to take Ghost into his program for the rescue. It has taken many many months of socialization and training to get Ghost ready to be someone's working dog, but we feel he is absolutely there now!!!

Ghost is a true Guardian dog and his rescuers are only looking for a home that his this type of experience and can supply him with the job that he needs. Ghost enjoys the company of other dogs and would do well working as part of a pair. Ghost is neutered, up to date on shots, current on preventatives, microchipped, kennel trained and housebroken.

We found Ghost through Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue in Thompson's Station, TN.

For more information about Ghost, click here!

Meet Minnie!

Minnie is a young female who was dumped by the side of the road. She was shot in the shoulder by someone and had a broken humerus. She has had extensive (and expensive!) surgery on the leg, and is now healed and ready to go to her new loving home.

However, because the shoulder may be a little fragile for a while for her to be able to play rough with other dogs or small children, she should be either an only dog, or the companion for a smaller dog, and should not be in a home with small children who might fall on her. She is good with kids and other dogs; we don't know about cats.

We found Minnie through Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue in Brentwood, TN.

For more information about Minnie, click here!

Meet Connie!

Connie is a darling Jack Russell Terrier mix puppy that was born about the first of July. She's a sweet little girl, a bit quieter than the average Jack Russell, and so very cute.

Connie has 3 siblings, and all of these precious babies would make great indoor companions. Come and meet Connie and see if she's just the right puppy for you!

We found Connie through Boyle County Humane Society & Mutts With Manners, Danville, KY.

For more information about Connie, click here!

Meet Sharee!

Sharee was pulled by another rescue from an Ohio kill shetler. The other rescue asked if another rescue could take some of the dogs.

This baby is so sweet and loving and very cute. She spayed and now she just needs a loving home. Oh and did we mention, she is well socialized and has no issues. Bet she would love a pool fence los angeles if you have the room!

We found Sharee through Dog It Dig It Rescue Inc. in Terre Haute, Indiana.

For more information about Sharee, click here!

Meet Paul!

Paul is adorable and such a good boy! He is another of our Beatle boys and was turned into the shelter by his owners because they had too many animals. We think Paul is a Schnoodle.

He is 2 years old and weighs about 16 1/2 pounds. Paul is a skinnier dog with long legs. He loves to give kisses and cuddle in your lap or be held. Paul is very gentle and is shy. He takes a little bit of time to warm up to you. Paul is very submissive and quiet.

He is great with other dogs, cats, and would be fine with children used to being patient around shy dogs. Paul's new family will have to take some time to let him come out of his shell.

We wonder if Paul was named after Les Paul? Hmmm...that would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? He could have his own Fender Telecaster and take his show on the road. We could just see him arrroooooing right along with the melody, strumming away with his paws. Lots of talented pups have come out of shelters!

We found Paul through the Rescue Farm in Poland, Indiana.

For more information about Paul, click here!

Meet Charlie!

How adorable is this boy! Charlie grew from a puppy to a three year old adult on the end of a chain. When he came to rescue earlier this year (2011) he was matted from head to tail, heartworm positive, unaltered and unvaccinated.

Thanks to the wonderful founder of H.E.A.R.T (Helping Every Animal Receive Treatment) Charlie received his treatment for the heartworms and is free of those nasty bugers! So there's no need for Anesthesiologist Jobs anywhere near him!

Charlie loves his toys and takes very good care of them, he gets on well with the other dogs but, Charlie really prefers to be with people so he would make a wonderful addition for someone who only wants one dog.

We found Charlie through Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Poland, Indiana.

For more information about Charlie, click here!

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

To all our pals...we sure hope you had a pawsome Thanksgiving Holiday with friends, family both two and four legged!

We took a little time off....but now we're back!

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Meet Penny!

Penny is a Wire Fox Terrier about six years old. She was given up by her owner.

She has allergies but has done well on prescription dog food. She is spayed, her vaccinations are up to date, and she's on heartworm prevention, and micro chipped.

Penny is a friendly, affectionate dog. She loves to chase tennis balls and will never tire. She falls asleep with a ball next to her. She does not like to share her people with other dogs so her rescuers are looking for a family where she will be the only dog.

We found Penny through Great Lakes Wire Fox Terrier Rescue in Lansing, Michigan.

For more information about Penny, click here!

Meet #126!

This little sheltie was found near North Ferris Road in Ithaca, Michigan.

She is a friendly little dog. Gets along well with other dogs. She waslks well on a leash. If unclaimed by owner, this little lady will be available for adoption on 11-21-11.

We found her through the Gratiot County Animal Control in Ithaca, Michigan.

For more information about this cutie click here!

Meet Rose!

You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture, but Rose's tail actually curls over her back. Rose is a young dog with lots of energy. She needs an experienced handler who will not allow her to misbehave.

Although very sweet and fun to be with, Rose is very high energy. Being in an environment with other dogs or with running and noisy children would be over-stimulating for her. Rose sure deserves lots of trophies and awards and a nice new, furever home!

We found Rose through the Humane Society of Portage County in Plover, Wisconsin.

For more information about Rose, click here!

Meet Abby!

Abby is looking for just the right home. She is six years old and was rescued.

Abby is currently in foster care with the family that rescued her. You'll want to look into carhartt pants so you can take her on a nice hike once you get her home!

We found Abby through the South Wood County Humane Society in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

For more information about Abby, click here!

Meet George!

Today we are turning it over to George!
"My name is George and I am just as sweet as the candy itself! I came to the shelter because my previous owner unfortunately could no longer afford me. No worries; I know the TCHS is going to find me a great new forever home. I can be a bit shy at first but once I get to know you I am very loving and affectionate. I enjoy snuggling so I hope you're ready to cuddle up and spend some quality time with me!" We found George through the Tri-County Humane Society in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. For more information about George, click here!

Meet Brody!

Brody came in as a stray and was not claimed. He is approximately 2-3 years old. He is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, dewormed, nails trimmed, and is on Frontline or fleas.

He weighs 66 lbs. He is house trained and kennel trained. He loves all people and kids! He is very well socialized with other dogs small to large. He loves to play with other dogs. He loves to cuddle with any human. He loves to take up half of your bed. He is a secure feeling boy. He is always happy and never upset. He rides in the car very well.

We found Brody through K.A.R.E. ( Kathy's Animal Rescue Express ) in Milaca, Minnesota.

For more information about Brody, click here!

Meet Sparkey!

Sparky is a male Pomeranian that was found wondering around a shopping mall and taken to the pound. His time was up and he found a rescue to take him.

His fur was in bad condition and he was matted and covered in feces. Sparky is now all groomed, and about to be neutered, updated with his shots, wormed, flea treated and vet checked prior to adoption.

We found Sparky through Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, North Dakota.

For more information about Sparky, click here!

Meet Tarzan!

Tarzan is a male Border Collie Mix. He is seven to nine months old. He came to rescue through the city pound when no one came to claim him!

Tarzan is named so because he is a crazy man! This guy is way high energy and is going to need a home that is going to give him a job and lots of exercise. Agility would be awesome for him. He is a smart boy and is eager to please. He also appears to be house trained already.

We found Tarzan through the James River Humane Society in Jamestown, North Dakota.

For more information about Tarzan, click here!

Meet LuLu!

Lulu came to rescue as a stray and needs a new home. She is about one year old and is full grown.

Lulu would prefer to be the only pet in her new home. She loves everyone she meets and is extremely playful.

We found LuLu through the Beadle County Humane Society in Huron, South Dakota.

For more information about LuLu, click here!

Meet Dodger!

Dodger is a one year old neutered male Husky mix. He is mostly black with white and tan markings.

Dodger is a young dog with lots to learn and explore. Dodger would be a great dog for anyone and is good with other dogs and cats. He is medium in size at approximately 45 lbs. now and really enjoys his food.

He is definitely not an alfa but loves to play with the other three dogs he lives with. Two of them being a little bit smaller than him and the other one is a large lab. He has begun to sleep around the house instead of a kennel. He sleeps on the couch or under a bed. Dodger enjoys being where you are at but doesn't necessarily want to be on top of you. He's a great dog to have around.

We found Dodger through Paws Animal Rescue in Pierre, South Dakota.

For more information about Dodger, click here!

Meet Goldie Hahn!

This is Goldie Hahn. She is a three year old female Golden Retriever.

Her owner had to relinquish her because he no longer has a place to live. She is the sweetest well mannered dog. She is great with other dogs and is completely house trained. It is unknown how she is with cats. Her rescuers think she would probably be ok with cats though.

This dog deserves a special home and will only be adopted to an indoor home with a fenced yard. She is currently not spayed but will be spayed before she leaves the shelter.

We found Goldie through York Adopt-A-Pet in York, Nebraska.

For more information about Goldie, click here!

Meet Riff!

Today we're turning it over to Riff!

"Hello, I am Riff! I came to Start Over Rover full of fleas and in pretty bad shape. They took me to the vet and have given me lots of love and I feel like a brand new doggie. They all say I am just the best boy ever.
I don't potty in my kennel and I get along with all my furry friends. I really love it when they take me for long walks and I am so happy to sit on laps and give kisses. Do you have room at your house to make me your own? I promise you won't regret it!"
We found Riff through Start Over Rover Inc., in Hastings, Nebraska.

For more information about Riff, click here!

Meet Andre!

Andre is such a sweet boy, and a definite favorite at the shelter. He loves to play with other dogs, and would love someone to take him to the dog park on days when it is nice outside. Andre knows basic obedience commands, and is neutered.

We found Andre through the City of Emporia Animal Shelter in Emporia, Kansas.

For more information about Andre, click here!

Meet Annie!

Meet Annie. She was surrendered by her owner because they said they could no longer take care of her.

Now she is in a foster home with lots of other play mates. She gets along very well with dogs, cats, and people. Annie is kind, gentle and a little timid. When she arrived she was skin and bones and had no appetite. She was probably fending for herself for quite awhile. It has been challenging to get her to eat anything but she is beginning to respond.

She does not like dog food but she has been eating a very special diet of beef, chicken, and lots of other good things for her health. Annie went to the vet and was tested for heart worms and parasites. The tests were all negative! She is up to date on all of her shots and is estimated to be around 8 years of age.

We met Annie through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue in Elmdale, Kansas.

For more information about Annie, click here!