Meet Bette!

Bette was found as a stray and brought to the shelter for safe keeping.

This sweet dog found lots of fans among the shelter staff soon after she arrived. She is well mannered and very friendly. It was initially reported by the people who found her that she wasnt great with some of the other neighborhood dogs. However, at the shelter they've come to learn that while she sometimes greets other dogs a bit inappropriately, all she really wants to do is to play. They've been working with her practicing on-leash dog introductions and she is making great progress.

Bette will spend hours wrestling, chasing and playing with dogs, so we are recommending a home that has another spirited and playful dog she can be friends with. You''ll definitely want to look into construction employment so you can come home and build her an awesome fenced in yard!

Bette's interest in cats is a bit too intense, therefore we definitely recommend a cat free home. She is also great off leash and enjoys moderate amounts of exercise. Bette is easygoing and relatively calm, so we feel that she would probably be fine in a home with older children, although proper supervision is always recommended. This is a truly wonderful girl who deserves an equally wonderful forever home.