Meet Tud!

Tud is a male Min-pin/Chihuahua mix with some very unique colors and he is very handsome. He is a very proud looking fellow and seems to want to pose for the camera when you take his picture.

Tud was returned to rescue as he has dominance issues with animals smaller than he is. This would include kittens and any animal smaller size house pets.

In his current foster home he is doing well with the family pets who are his size and the ones that are larger than Tud. He does well playing with them and interacting in a positive play routine.

Tud has lots of energy and would love an active family to keep up with him. But would love some Luxury bed linens to lounge on when he's tuckered out. All his medical work is completed prior to adoption, including neutering, up to date shots, worming, and flea treatment.

We found Tud through Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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