Meet Hoss!

Hoss weighs 32 pounds and is between one to two years old.

He was released to the shelter and told that he is not gunshy, good for a pup that has some hunting dog in him. Hoss just needs a chance to be a member of a forever home!

We found Hoss through the Salina Animal Shelter in Salina, Kansas.

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Meet Cheyenne!

Today we're turning it over to Cheyenne!

"I am just a baby approximately seven months old. I am a happy girl and willing to learn. I am very good with other dogs both male and female, and I love to play, I can keep up with the best of them.

I am a beautiful red sable and may be housebroken. I have done well when I was in the house. I need to be taught some obedience, but that will be easy if you just take some time and work with me as I am still just a baby. My rescue Momma says I have the prettiest German Shepherd stance. I will be a big girl too. I am tall and just need to put on some weight. I am sure with my long legs I could get over a short fence so please tall fence required. And who knows? I may even lead you to the best small business to start all about dogs!

I have now been spayed which is a very good thing, since I was just about to come into my first heat. I have been wormed, vaccinated, heartworm checked and on preventative."
We found Cheyenne through OK Adopt A Dog in Harrah, Oklahoma.

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Meet Sassafras!

Sassy (Sassafras) is an indoor dog. She loves to play fetch with tennis balls, chase the water stream from a hose, and catch bubbles and help pick up brush in the yard. Sweet typical Kelpie disposition. Very smart and needs to be kept busy.

Sassy loves people and other animals. Her rescuers would not recommend her with children under 10 since she is very active and doesn't know her own strength yet. She would be ideal for a flyball enthusiast or someone interested in teaching her agility training. And the best part is you won't have to look into a free online dating site to find your new best friend!

This beautiful little girl was severely injured at the tender age of 4 weeks with upper and lower jaws broken. Near death, she had a strong will to live and after numerous surgeries has recovered remarkably. She snores a little due to a deviated septum as a result of the injuries, but other than that her recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

We found Sassafras through the Association for a Pet Adoption Center in Temple, Texas.

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Meet Tundra!

We're turning it over to Tundra today:
"I'm a white furred, blue eyed beauty. As sometimes happens with that combination, I'm deaf.
I'm a very friendly, engaging puppy who likes other dogs. I just need a family who will patiently teach me using hand signals. If you have another dog, great. I'd be happy to learn your house rules from him or her.
Thanks for reading about me, and I hope to see you soon."
We found Tundra through the Animal Humane New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Meet Teddy!

Teddy is a 2 year old neutered male Chow Chow / Australian Shepherd mix. He is house trained and crate trained, and takes treats very gently.

Teddy is the kind of dog who can wait patiently while his owner is at work. He has a very sweet and acquiescent personality. It's like he is always trying to tell you something with his eyes.

Teddy needs a decent sized yard where he can run his herding patterns. He loves to carry toys in his mouth, or to chase them and then lie down beside them. Running to you and sitting down or lying down is very fun for him, too.

Teddy was frightened when he was first rescued. He now has many friends and does well in most situations. He has been to training class, the vet's office and has been groomed - he was relaxed most of the time. Teddy's best home is with adults who are home bodies.

We found Teddy through The Misha May Foundation in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Meet Gypsy!

Gypsy came to the shelter in February of 2011. She had been adopted as a small puppy, but was returned because her previous owners did not have enough time for her.

She is a sweet and funny little girl. She loves to play. She is obedient and eager to learn.

Gypsy will be a wonderful family dog. She is protective and loyal. She loves to play outside and with proper training will be a quality working dog.

We found Gypsy through the Casper Humane Society in Casper, Wyoming.

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Meet this little one!

This little one doesn't have a name yet!

She's a puppy and probably a hound mix.

We found her at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork, Utah.

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Meet Max!

This little guy is just as sweet as can be. He is very timid as he came from a puppy mill situation. He is starting to come out of his shell and is running free in his rescuers home.

He sleeps in the family bed with the other dogs and humans. He loves having a yard to run and play with the other dogs in. He is still shy of people, but they are giving him lots of cuddle time and he is coming around.

Max is about six years old. His hair has been shaved as he was in very poor condition when he came to rescue. He has very curly hair and should be a good dog for people with allergies as he shouldn't shed much if at all.

We found Max through Tiny Tails K-9 Rescue in Manhattan, Montana.

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Meet Prince!

Prince came into the shelter as a stray. He was running in the highway and the finder was worried about his safety. He is a very nice dog and seems to get along with everyone.

Prince is a border collie and they are very energetic and need an experienced owner. But you'll get some great exercise with Prince and not have to look into all natural diet pills, BOL!

We found Prince through the City of Fallon Animal Shelter in Fallon, Nevada.

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Meet Riley!

Riley is probably a Jack Russel terrier mix. He is between 1 and 2 years old and weighs about 14 pounds. He is current on his shots and has been neutered and micro-chipped.

Riley really wants affection from his favorite humans but is still shy about approaching them. He is doing better every day, but he needs a forever family with the patience to help him develop more confidence. Riley has decided that treats are a good thing and stuffed toys are almost as nice!

He gets along well with other dogs and with cats. He is house trained and is about to begin work on basic obedience commands.

We found Riley through the Hawaii Dog Foundation in Waipahu, Hawaii.

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Meet Farley!

Happy, bouncy, playful and smart, this young gentleman is only seven months old. He enjoys learning and really wants to please. Hes demonstrated minor food resource guarding, so will need some consistent handling to correct.

Farley has lived with kids. Cute, bright and adorableand ready to become your new forever buddy! He'd make a great exercise buddy too, so you won't need to worry about diet pills that work, BOL!

We found Farley through Anchorage Animal Care and Control in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Meet Shake!

Shake was transferred to rescue from an overcrowded facility in Utah. He didnt have much time left to find a home there, and after seeing what a wonderful dog he was his rescuers knew he would they could find him a home.

Shake is a very smart, energetic and social dog. He'll be sure to get rid of stomach fat, fur sure, BOL! He gets along well with other dogs, and loves everyone he meets. He may be too much for most cats, so were recommending a cat free home.

Shake has not been taught much of his basic obedience, but he is a willing and eager participant. He needs someone committed to working on his obedience training as well as an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise. This young, happy, athletic dog will ultimately do more than just shake he is certain to become a devoted, cherished companion for life.

We found Shake through the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Hailey, Idaho.

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Meet Zoey!

Zoey is a super sweet, very active girl. She was released to rescue because she didn't care for the smaller dog living in the house. Zoey is kind of particular as to which dogs she shares her time with.

Her ultimate home would her being the only dog but she is ok with dogs bigger then her. She plays with one of our employees dogs just fine. She is not good with cats, so no cats in the house is a must. She loves her people that is for sure,, and will make a great active companion so you won't have to look into nuphedragen reviews, BOL!

We found Zoey through the Jefferson County Kennels in Madras, Oregon.

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Meet Porkchop!

Porkchop is an adorable five month old boy with tons of love to give. He is an amazing blue/grey color which just makes him so handsome.

Don't let his amazing color be the only reason you are interested in him. Porkchop is looking for someone to make a lifetime commitment to him. Porkchop is in a foster home with other big dogs, cats and a toddler. He is doing well in all areas of his socialization and this will need to continue when he is adopted so that he can become the best representation of his breed.

He has great house manners, is calm while inside and likes to sit with you while you watch tv. He is gentle in taking treats and is learning alot while in his foster home. He'll keep you fit so you won't need to look into the best weight loss supplement. He is interested in the cats as friends and could live with a confident cat in his new home. He is good with the two year old in the house and has learned not to jump up and take things from her hands.

We found Porkchop through Love A Mutt Pet Rescue in North Bend, Washington.

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Meet Chloe!

Chloe is about four years old. She was an owner surrender in LA county animal countrol. She's a great dog and has the typical poodle disposition and just wants to be with her person.

Chloe would make a great dog for a couple who wants to have a traveling companion.

We found Chloe through Stonecliffe Animal Rescue in Lemoore, Cailfornia.

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Meet Faith!

Faith is an incredibly sweet girl who was intentionally burned with fireworks by children several years ago. She has no emotional scars - she is just as friendly, affectionate, and happy as can be, and loves to snuggle up in bed (under the covers).

She adapted to the sanctuary immediately and loves to jump into the car to go for a ride. She is about 5 years old and an excellent fit for a family, couple, or individual - especially a senior who would dote on her.

She gets along great with the other dogs, and ignores the cats. She looks like a standard daschund mix due to the long body and short legs. She weighs about 30-35 pounds and does not have any special medical or emotional needs due to the scars.

We found Faith through the Tasha Ohana Animal Sanctuary in Hilo, Hawaii.

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Meet Blondie!

Blondie is an adorable Collie mix pup who weighs 11 lbs. and is up to date on her vaccines.

She's 12 weeks old and will be available for adoption on 2/7/11. She's petite and looks like a tiny Golden Retriever.

We found Blondie through Save A Dog in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

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Meet Scooby!

Looking for a nice dog? Scooby is a neutered, 3-4 year old male who has been vaccinated and wormed.

Although timid at first, he quickly shows that he is a polite, affectionate companion. The nice thing is you won't have to look into payday loans to adopt him!

We found Scooby through the Humane Enforcement and Animal Rescue Team, Inc., in Kirkwood, New York.

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Meet Baxter!

Baxter is a big, muscular, super special dog. He needs a special home.

Baxter has very strong protection instincts with his people which has led him to some problems in the past. This is not to say he is mean or viscous, just very protective.

Outside of his home he is the most friendly dog to everyone he comes across. He loves to go to the park or the petstore for some great attention. And he is an attention getter!

Everyone loves Baxter at first sight. He is big, meaty, and always wearing a smile on that handsome face of his. He has some funny, weird quirks like sitting on his head if you give him a good bum scratch and he runs backwards when excited, odd, but hilarious! You may want to look into some rechargeable batteries for this little Energizer Bunny!

He is fully housebroken and crate trained and knows his commands. Baxter's ideal home would be with a confident person or couple that has breed experience. He needs to be the only dog as he does not appreciate other dogs in his space.

We found Baxter through Adopt A Dog AK in Eagle River, Alaska.

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Meet Taboo!

Today we're turning it over to Taboo!

"Hello there! My name is Taboo. I am so adorable. I am approximately 2 years old which means I am young enough to need an active family - but I am mature and smart enough to pick up on training and manners quickly.
What more could you ask for? I originally came to a local Maine shelter as a stray, but my family never came looking for me. I have since been transferred to Charley's Strays in the hopes that I will find my forever family.

I tested positive for Lyme disease - but I have been treated. I know how to sit on command, and sometimes I know how to stay. I am a little bit jumpy, but I am willing and able to learn. With a bit of obedience training I will be the best friend you ever had. I get along with most dogs (I prefer the ladies - if you know what I mean) and I get along well with cats. I would need to meet any future housemates to make sure I like them."
We found Taboo through Charley's Strays in Clinton, Maine.

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Meet Wesley!

Wesley is a very sweet boy. He is 2 years old, neutered and current on his vaccines.

Wesley's former owner was moving and could not take him along. He used to live with kids, he gets along with other dogs and he rides well in the car.

Wesley's owner must be willing to take him through a basic dog obedience class and provide proof of completion within four months of the adoption. Proof of enrollment in a dog obedience is required before/at the adoption.

We found Wesley through Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic in Laurel, Maryland.

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Meet Kasi!

Kasi (pronounced like Casey) is a beautiful, sweet, 9-ish years young, 43 pound, Husky/Lab mix. She has a beautiful, light yellow, soft, silky coat, with a quirky, curly tail. Her most memorable characteristic, however, is her bright, happy, heartwarming smile that is usually a fixture to her facial expression!

Kasi came into foster care for the second time in September 2009 after being in her adoptive home for 4 years; they were moving and decided not to take her along. She was extremely overweight from undiagnosed hypothyroidism, so she wasn't very eager to do much of anything at first.

However, since being on her medication, Kasi has a new lease on life: she has lost 41 pounds and loves going on walks and exploring outside in the safety of a fenced yard; she is truly enjoying life to the fullest now!

We found Kasi through Furry Friends Network in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Presley!

Presley is a great dog. He's very gentle, medium energy level. He was released from his owner after "failing" a hunting test.

Sadly, he was mistreated badly and has some issues with men. He cowers when a man comes around. He does great with kids, and other dogs, however. And, he loves to play fetch. Presley would make a great dog for someone that is looking for a family pet who has kids.

We found Presley through Clay County Humane Association in Ivydale, West Virginia.

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Meet Cooper!

Cooper is a fine young Dalmatian. His rescuers believe he is about two years old.

He is a 'deaf' Dalmatian, but they have not see any ill effects from his deafness; that unexpected behavior. He is a very energetic young Dal. Cooper would be better situated in an environment that would include extensive walks or preferably runs with his family.

We found Cooper through The Hemingway Group in Bennett, North Carolina.

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Meet WeeOne!

Wee One is very scared. She is not feral and will not bite out of fear, but was poorly socialized. She adores other dogs and the only time her rescuers see her wag her tail is when she is with them. She ignores cats and will need to go to a home that has at least one other dog.

We found WeeOne through the Animal Protection League in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Meet Reesee!

Reesee is a mystery mix, currently weighs 33 pounds, but her personality and looks suggest a golden retriever mix. She loves to play fetch and enjoys being with other dogs.

We bet she would love to find a partner, gather her furiends together with bridesmaid dresses and spend the rest of her life with a great family!

She follows her foster mom around. She is timid when she first meets people, but let her take a time to come to you and she will soon be your friend. She is crate trained.

We found Reesee through Give a Dog a Chance Rescue in Goochland, Virginia.

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Meet Rudy!

We're turning it over to Rudy today:

Hey I'm Ruby. I was transferred from PAWS and now I'm here at the SPCA looking for a new home.
I'm a spunky little girl who loves attention. I love to be petted. I can be the perfect companion for you, so come visit me today.
We found Rudy through the SPCA, Inc., in Lakeland, Florida.

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Meet Nick!

Nick was dumped by his owner in a high kill shelter in Louisiana. He is about 1-2 years old. He is heart worm positive, so poor Nick will have to endure grueling HW treatment.

His rescuers don't know much about Nick right now as he is in boarding, but as they learn more about him, they will post more. Sending good paw vibes to Nick!

We found Nick through Weimaraner Rescue of the South in Birmingham, Alabama.

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