Meet Baxter!

Baxter is a big, muscular, super special dog. He needs a special home.

Baxter has very strong protection instincts with his people which has led him to some problems in the past. This is not to say he is mean or viscous, just very protective.

Outside of his home he is the most friendly dog to everyone he comes across. He loves to go to the park or the petstore for some great attention. And he is an attention getter!

Everyone loves Baxter at first sight. He is big, meaty, and always wearing a smile on that handsome face of his. He has some funny, weird quirks like sitting on his head if you give him a good bum scratch and he runs backwards when excited, odd, but hilarious! You may want to look into some rechargeable batteries for this little Energizer Bunny!

He is fully housebroken and crate trained and knows his commands. Baxter's ideal home would be with a confident person or couple that has breed experience. He needs to be the only dog as he does not appreciate other dogs in his space.

We found Baxter through Adopt A Dog AK in Eagle River, Alaska.

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