Meet Cheyenne!

Today we're turning it over to Cheyenne!

"I am just a baby approximately seven months old. I am a happy girl and willing to learn. I am very good with other dogs both male and female, and I love to play, I can keep up with the best of them.

I am a beautiful red sable and may be housebroken. I have done well when I was in the house. I need to be taught some obedience, but that will be easy if you just take some time and work with me as I am still just a baby. My rescue Momma says I have the prettiest German Shepherd stance. I will be a big girl too. I am tall and just need to put on some weight. I am sure with my long legs I could get over a short fence so please tall fence required. And who knows? I may even lead you to the best small business to start all about dogs!

I have now been spayed which is a very good thing, since I was just about to come into my first heat. I have been wormed, vaccinated, heartworm checked and on preventative."
We found Cheyenne through OK Adopt A Dog in Harrah, Oklahoma.

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