Meet Kasi!

Kasi (pronounced like Casey) is a beautiful, sweet, 9-ish years young, 43 pound, Husky/Lab mix. She has a beautiful, light yellow, soft, silky coat, with a quirky, curly tail. Her most memorable characteristic, however, is her bright, happy, heartwarming smile that is usually a fixture to her facial expression!

Kasi came into foster care for the second time in September 2009 after being in her adoptive home for 4 years; they were moving and decided not to take her along. She was extremely overweight from undiagnosed hypothyroidism, so she wasn't very eager to do much of anything at first.

However, since being on her medication, Kasi has a new lease on life: she has lost 41 pounds and loves going on walks and exploring outside in the safety of a fenced yard; she is truly enjoying life to the fullest now!

We found Kasi through Furry Friends Network in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

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