Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Prince!

Prince came into the shelter as a stray. He was running in the highway and the finder was worried about his safety. He is a very nice dog and seems to get along with everyone.

Prince is a border collie and they are very energetic and need an experienced owner. But you'll get some great exercise with Prince and not have to look into all natural diet pills, BOL!

We found Prince through the City of Fallon Animal Shelter in Fallon, Nevada.

For more information about Prince, click here!

1 woofs :


This dog reminds me of the dog
my family ever had.
Loly name. he died from was hit by a car.
after a hit he could still go home with a very sad face,
his eyes shed tears. then we need
vet but not easy to find.
Loly finally died with tears in his eyes from and of our family,
My nephew who was hysterical because it's good friends died.
and he has the same color as this dog.