Meet Sassafras!

Sassy (Sassafras) is an indoor dog. She loves to play fetch with tennis balls, chase the water stream from a hose, and catch bubbles and help pick up brush in the yard. Sweet typical Kelpie disposition. Very smart and needs to be kept busy.

Sassy loves people and other animals. Her rescuers would not recommend her with children under 10 since she is very active and doesn't know her own strength yet. She would be ideal for a flyball enthusiast or someone interested in teaching her agility training. And the best part is you won't have to look into a free online dating site to find your new best friend!

This beautiful little girl was severely injured at the tender age of 4 weeks with upper and lower jaws broken. Near death, she had a strong will to live and after numerous surgeries has recovered remarkably. She snores a little due to a deviated septum as a result of the injuries, but other than that her recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

We found Sassafras through the Association for a Pet Adoption Center in Temple, Texas.

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