Meet Taboo!

Today we're turning it over to Taboo!

"Hello there! My name is Taboo. I am so adorable. I am approximately 2 years old which means I am young enough to need an active family - but I am mature and smart enough to pick up on training and manners quickly.
What more could you ask for? I originally came to a local Maine shelter as a stray, but my family never came looking for me. I have since been transferred to Charley's Strays in the hopes that I will find my forever family.

I tested positive for Lyme disease - but I have been treated. I know how to sit on command, and sometimes I know how to stay. I am a little bit jumpy, but I am willing and able to learn. With a bit of obedience training I will be the best friend you ever had. I get along with most dogs (I prefer the ladies - if you know what I mean) and I get along well with cats. I would need to meet any future housemates to make sure I like them."
We found Taboo through Charley's Strays in Clinton, Maine.

For more information about Taboo, click here!