Meet Reed!

Reed is a senior Miniature Poodle mix who came to rescue from a crowded area shelter.

Reed is a loving boy who is stressed in the shelter environment. He would do best in a quieter home and, though not necessary, he would likely enjoy living with a dog companion.

We found Reed through the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, DC.

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Meet Elle!

"Elle" is a Smooth Fox Terrier spayed female, 5 years old, a retired AKC champion, looking for her furever home in her retirement years.

She is in excellent health, crate and leash trained and up to date on shots. She does need to be an only dog. Elle lives in New Jersey.

We found Elle through American Fox Terrier Rescue in Washington, DC.

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Meet Afet!

Meet "Afet". Her name means "lovable" in Turkish and she certainly lives up to it. She is very sweet and friendly and loves to follow you around when you're outside.

Afet will be a big girl when she is full grown and, as with all puppies, she will need training and supervision to help her grow up to be a well behaved girl.

Afet's mother is pure bred Anatolian and daddy was a traveling salesman.
Afet was born with congenital defects; no tail, only three toes on one front foot, double dew claws on her rear feet and a hip or knee defect causing her to walk funny in the rear. She has no problem keeping up with her littermates though.

She's learning house manners and city living with lots of socialization with kids, cats, dogs, and more kids :)

We found Afet through the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network in Charleston, West Virginia.

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Meet Blackie!

Today we're turning it over to Blackie!

"Hi There! my name is Blackie. I am an 8 month old boy that weighes about 50 lbs. I am the shy one of my litter Plus, I was busy trying to bury my rope that I like to play with when my foster mom took my picture. I love her attention but my brothers and sister are always wanting it too. Thank goodness there is enough for all of us. I am like the rest of my litter, looking for a forever home to call my own. Do you think you might know where it is and how I can find it? Thanks for your help,

Love, Blackie
We found Blackie through All For The Animals Inc., in Gandeeville, West Virginia.

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Meet Benoit!

Benoit (a/k/a "Ben") lives up to his name which is French for "blessed." Whoever adopts Ben will be blessed with a delightful companion.

He is a lovely caramel color with four white socks, a white-tipped tail, and a white blaze that runs down the middle of his face a bit to the left (symmetry is so last year), and a gorgeous white chest.

Ben is estimated to be less than one-year old, weighing about 40 pounds and is about 20 inches tall. He is great with cats and other dogs, crate trained and house broken. He is low to medium energy in that he likes to play and run around, but will then crash for a long nap. Easy to walk on a leash, loves toys and is overall very good natured. Ben is one of those great family dogs; fun, easy going, affectionate, well mannered and confident.

We found Benoit through the Louisa Humane Society in Louisa, Virginia.

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Meet Little Apple Dumplin'!

Little Apple Dumplin' was brought to rescue by a couple who found him in their garage, sitting in their apple bin, just munching away on apples.

He is approximately 8 months to a year. Apple seems leery of hands and is a bit timid. He will run when you reach for him, but once you catch him, you can hold him and he does like to snuggle.

His rescuers are working on his trust issues and slowly, he is getting better. Apple is playful and he enjoys the company of some of the other dogs. He likes kids too. Cats he is not too sure about. He finds them interesting, but isn't sure what they are all about. He is learning some manners and how to walk on a leash. Apple will certainly make someone a wonderful sweet little friend.

We found Dumplin through Perry County PA Animal Rescue in Millerstown, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Bosco!

Bosco is an adorable adult Boxer Mix. He is neutered and up to date with his vaccinations.

He has such a gentle playful personality; he would make anyone a great pet. He is housebroken, and gets along well with other dogs and children. He's now 7½ years old, but has the energy of a much younger dog.

Bosco's mother was a beautiful purebred boxer. She came into rescue pregnant, and had her litter here. Papa was obviously a black lab, as Bosco looks like a smaller black lab. Although he doesn't look like a boxer, he has a boxer temperament. He was adopted to what seemed to be a great home, and lived there for six years. However, when he was about six years old, his adopter brought him back, saying he was 'destructive'. Did he get ino those Dutch Master cigars? As it turned out, she had been leaving him outside alone all the time - no wonder the poor, bored boy got into things!

We found Bosco through Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue in Brentwood, Tennessee.

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Meet Glenda!

Glenda is a happy, active girl. She's bright and affectionate. Yes, she is a little gray, but it is pre-mature! Glenda is only 8 years old.

Glenda has the best personality and wants so much to be part of a family. Never was there a dog who had so much to give and asked for so little. Glenda gets along with everyone. She is in perfect health, up-to-date on vaccines and is spayed. She was fostered at one point, because she was extremely emaciated, and her foster parents didn't have a problem with housetraininig. Today, Glenda is in good body weight. Her inner beauty gleems.

We found Glenda through Peaceful Passings in Bremo Bluff, Virginia.

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Meet Minnie!

Minnie is a sweet Wire Fox Terrier. She came from a breeder, is six years old and one of three Wires this rescue was able to obtain from a Kansas puppy mill breeder.

She has spent her life in a cage having litter after litter. She made the trip to the veterinarian and was spayed, had a dental cleaning, all her vaccinations and is now feeling much better! She is healthy!

Minnie gets along well with other dogs. She is in a foster home with Airedale Terriers and she quickly taught herself how to use the doggie door to go outside and play! She is friendly with people, follows her foster mom around all day, and she loves to cuddle!

She has been cat tested her when she first came into rescue and she wasn't too interested in the test kitty. Her rescuers would like to place Minnie with Cooper if possible. They are bonded and do very well together. Minnie would thrive with a dog companion. She isn't used to being alone. She requires a fenced yard and a Terrier experienced owner.

We found Minnie through Great Lakes Wire Fox Terrier Rescue in Lansing, Michigan.

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Meet Scout!

Scout is a big(118#), handsome five year old male. He has been in rescue for a long time now. He camelacking socialization after having limited contact with people as a youngster.

Scout's special need is that it takes him a long time (days, weeks, possibly months) to trust someone new. Scout will walk on leash and rides well in the car, but sometimes will put his brakes on and/or try to bolt if faced with something new and unfamiliar.

He goes to the groomer and has made trips to public places to gain social experience. You won't find a need for a blackhead removal with him, BOL!! Scout has never gone potty in his inside kennel area and enjoys sleeping on a big soft bed. He is a big goof ball once you earn his trust and loves to have his tummy rubbed. Scout is best suited to an adult home able to continue giving him the training and experience he needs. He would do best in a home with a well socialized large breed female canine companion.

We found Scout through Great Pyrenees Rescue of Central Illinois in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Athena!

Athena is approximately one year old and full of energy, hope and optimism. She's 32 lbs and loves to run and play with other dogs and with toys.

Athena is just waiting for a family who will want to give her the love she is looking for as she's full of love to give - she's full of affection and quickly bonds to new people. She's a happy go lucky pup, but does still have her puppy ways about her and needs to learn proper ways of showing her affection as she's very exuberant when meeting new people.

Athena needs a family who is willing to spend time walking or running with her at least an hour a day and playing with her in addition to that. A fenced yard is ideal for Athena, but not necessary if her new family is committed to a lot of walking or running and going to the dog park or other forms of exercise for her.

Athena loves to run and will look for ways and need ways to expend her energy. Athena is crate and house trained and knows how to sit. She has no food aggression or resource aggression in regards to toys. Athena is currently living with three other dogs and loves to play outside with them. While she does well playing with other dogs, at this point Athena would do best to live in a house where she is the only dog. We are working on this with her and with a little time or with parents who are willing to work on some training with her she could live with other dogs as she does love to play with them. And since she's a puppy, you want to be sure and puppy proof your home, you don't want her to get into things like cords and petroleum hoses!

We found Athena through Furry Friends Network in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

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Meet Pearl!

Pearl is a wonderful deaf white Boxer puppy that needs a new home.

Pearl is working on housebreaking, create training and some basic obedience while in foster care. Living with a deaf dog is very rewarding, they are attentive and can also feel good about doing your part in rescue.

So many deaf dogs are over looked, but they have so much to give to the right family. We will require a fenced yard for a safe place to potty and play off leash. For more information on living with a DEAF dog...please visit our Squidoo lens on Deaf Dogs!

We found Pearl through Central KY Boxer Rescue Inc., in Danville, Kentucky.

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Meet Sadie!

Sadie was an owner surrender because the man who had her lost his home. He had been living in his car with her for a few weeks and attempting to stay with friends as often as he could.....however not all of his friends were dog friendly or lived in dog friendly homes.

Sadie is 2 years old and we were told she is a lab/hound mix. She looks like an overgrown beagle with a border collie head. The man got her as a 10-12 week old pup.
Sadie is housetrained, good with kids and cats, and she gets along with some other dogs.....she needs to be properly introduced. She knows several commands-sit, stay,outside, speak, and go. and loves to play fetch!

We met Sadie through Morrow County Dog Shelter in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Meet Bannon!

Bannon is a super friendly lab mix. He is good with other dogs, good with children He has been neutered.

We met Bannon through the Garrard County Animal Shelter in Lancaster, Kentucky.

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Meet Junior!

This is Junior. He is a very energetic boy who needs a big privacy fenced in the yard, since he is capable of jumping 4ft & 6ft chain link fences. He is very good at listening especially when told to sit. He is a beautiful boy who just needs to be given a chance.

We found Junior through the Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in Colfax, Illinois.

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Meet Roxie!

Roxie is a very sweet girl, currently in a foster home. She knows sit and down, and loves people. She is not so good with other dogs, though, so should probably be an only dog. Roxie is about 12 years old.

We found Roxie through the Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

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Meet Gabby!

Gabby is a 1 year old female Boston Terrier mix. She came to rescue as a stray with her sister, found running the streets.

Gabby is nervous in her cage, but is fine once out. She can be a little afraid around small chidren. She is really a very sweet little girl. She weighs around 15 pounds.

We found Gabby at the same shelter where Mum found me, the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Meet Sampson!

Sampson just turned a year old.

His Momma is a full blooded beagle, but they have no idea who the daddy is. Sampson was the biggest of the litter, and also the biggest cuddle bug. He also had beautiful blue eyes at birth, but they have changed to light brown.

He is currently between 30 and 35 pounds and seems to have gotten as big as he is going to get. He is nearly housebroken, so there's no need for a cash advance to get supplies for big clean ups. He gets along well with other dogs of all sizes, cats and will be fine with kids.

We found Sampson through 911 Pet Rescue, Inc., in Centerpoint, Indiana.

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Meet Nick!

Nick was dumped by his owner in a high kill shelter in Louisiana. He is about 1-2 years old. He is HW+, so poor Nick will have to endure grueling HW treatment.

His rescuers don't know much about Nick right now as he is in boarding, but as they learn more about his personality they will post more about him. We're hoping that Nick is as tough as a steel drum, and gets better as quickly as possible! If you have dealt with dogs undergoing HW treatment before and would like to foster Nick, please contact the rescue.

We found Nick through Weimaraner Rescue of the South in Birmingham, Alabama.

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We are back!!!

We are back from a short Spring hiatus!

On with the rescues, here's hoping you find your new best friend!

Meet Abby!

Abby, is a little older, but she has a lot of spunk. She loves to get up in the chair and look out the window. She is very good on a leash, house trained and crate trained.

She is heartworm positive, which her rescuers are hoping her test will come back in a couple more months as a negative, so she will be more than ready to tag along with the baby jogger city select. She loves to play with stuffed animals, and still needs to gain some weight. Abby would love to be a member of your family.

We found Abby through the Red Dirt Boxer Rescue in Harrah, Oklahoma.

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Meet Gunny!

Gunny is a very handsome male Rottie. He is very affectionate and loves to be near his person. He is likely 3-5 yrs old and weighs 97 lbs.

He's a big guy so you may want to stock up on those discount medical uniforms until you get him trained, BOL!

We found Gunny through the Conway Animal Welfare Unit in Conway, Arkansas.

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Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?

So many of my dog friends are very afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks and other loud noises.

It's sad to see them run and hide, pace, whine, drool, and sometimes shake uncontrollably when a storm approaches, or fireworks are set off in celebration.

So now that it's Spring, and thunderstorm season, we wanted to share some info that we've learned over the years to help dog's cope during stressful times like these.

We created a new Squidoo Lens, "Helping dogs afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks!" that has lots of great ides to help your dog cope with thunderstorms, fireworks and other loud noises, so click and read on!

Meet Kelly!

This is Kelly!

Not much is known about her, accept that she is a Coonhound mix.

We found Kelly through the Humane Society of Central Arizona in Payson, Arizona. Located in Payson, Arizona, they are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping unwanted pets find loving homes. They are open seven days a week from 10 a.m to 2 p.m, excluding major holidays.

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