Meet Afet!

Meet "Afet". Her name means "lovable" in Turkish and she certainly lives up to it. She is very sweet and friendly and loves to follow you around when you're outside.

Afet will be a big girl when she is full grown and, as with all puppies, she will need training and supervision to help her grow up to be a well behaved girl.

Afet's mother is pure bred Anatolian and daddy was a traveling salesman.
Afet was born with congenital defects; no tail, only three toes on one front foot, double dew claws on her rear feet and a hip or knee defect causing her to walk funny in the rear. She has no problem keeping up with her littermates though.

She's learning house manners and city living with lots of socialization with kids, cats, dogs, and more kids :)

We found Afet through the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network in Charleston, West Virginia.

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