Meet Athena!

Athena is approximately one year old and full of energy, hope and optimism. She's 32 lbs and loves to run and play with other dogs and with toys.

Athena is just waiting for a family who will want to give her the love she is looking for as she's full of love to give - she's full of affection and quickly bonds to new people. She's a happy go lucky pup, but does still have her puppy ways about her and needs to learn proper ways of showing her affection as she's very exuberant when meeting new people.

Athena needs a family who is willing to spend time walking or running with her at least an hour a day and playing with her in addition to that. A fenced yard is ideal for Athena, but not necessary if her new family is committed to a lot of walking or running and going to the dog park or other forms of exercise for her.

Athena loves to run and will look for ways and need ways to expend her energy. Athena is crate and house trained and knows how to sit. She has no food aggression or resource aggression in regards to toys. Athena is currently living with three other dogs and loves to play outside with them. While she does well playing with other dogs, at this point Athena would do best to live in a house where she is the only dog. We are working on this with her and with a little time or with parents who are willing to work on some training with her she could live with other dogs as she does love to play with them. And since she's a puppy, you want to be sure and puppy proof your home, you don't want her to get into things like cords and petroleum hoses!

We found Athena through Furry Friends Network in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

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