Meet Little Apple Dumplin'!

Little Apple Dumplin' was brought to rescue by a couple who found him in their garage, sitting in their apple bin, just munching away on apples.

He is approximately 8 months to a year. Apple seems leery of hands and is a bit timid. He will run when you reach for him, but once you catch him, you can hold him and he does like to snuggle.

His rescuers are working on his trust issues and slowly, he is getting better. Apple is playful and he enjoys the company of some of the other dogs. He likes kids too. Cats he is not too sure about. He finds them interesting, but isn't sure what they are all about. He is learning some manners and how to walk on a leash. Apple will certainly make someone a wonderful sweet little friend.

We found Dumplin through Perry County PA Animal Rescue in Millerstown, Pennsylvania.

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