Meet Minnie!

Minnie is a sweet Wire Fox Terrier. She came from a breeder, is six years old and one of three Wires this rescue was able to obtain from a Kansas puppy mill breeder.

She has spent her life in a cage having litter after litter. She made the trip to the veterinarian and was spayed, had a dental cleaning, all her vaccinations and is now feeling much better! She is healthy!

Minnie gets along well with other dogs. She is in a foster home with Airedale Terriers and she quickly taught herself how to use the doggie door to go outside and play! She is friendly with people, follows her foster mom around all day, and she loves to cuddle!

She has been cat tested her when she first came into rescue and she wasn't too interested in the test kitty. Her rescuers would like to place Minnie with Cooper if possible. They are bonded and do very well together. Minnie would thrive with a dog companion. She isn't used to being alone. She requires a fenced yard and a Terrier experienced owner.

We found Minnie through Great Lakes Wire Fox Terrier Rescue in Lansing, Michigan.

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