Meet Layla!

Layla is a total babe with her Blonde hair and blue eyes. She's okay with other dogs. She's about 40# and is a three year old australian shepherd mix.

Layla would be great with a couple of fun loving children to keep her busy. She is a crate trained indoor dog. She had mange when she came to rescue, but has been treated and is doing well!

We found Layla through Love to Spare in Eddy, Texas.

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Meet Roco!

Roco and his brothers and sisters where surrendered by a breeder to a local kill shelter. They appear to be pure Chihuahuas. His rescuers don't know who the breeder is or what the parents look like. They estimate that he was born sometime between mid to end of January 2011.

We found Roco through Forever Homes in Kempner, Texas.

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Meet Dandy!

Dandy is a young, male terrier mix. He was rescued from the shelter and is in foster care. He is a happy, precious little guy looking for his forever home. Can't you just see the personality come out in his picture? You'll certainly want to get some personalized photo frames for this little guy, and put them all over your house!

Dandy is very athletic. He would be a great candidate for agility competition. He walks on his hind legs, walks on ledges and talks to you, and is eager to learn more cool tricks.

We found Dandy through St. Martin Humane Society in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

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Meet Surely!

Meet Surely! Surely is an energetic 1-year-old with a real zest for life.

This highly affectionate pup weighs a soft, cuddly 46 pounds, and Surely sure loves to snuggle! In fact, Surely is probably the biggest love-bug you'll ever meet.

And with a coat like that you sure won't need to look into a best hair loss treatment, BOL! Surely appears to know the "sit" command, though she always transitions smoothly from the sitting position, into a stand up hug!

This sweet, glutton-for-love is goofy, playful, and eager-to-please. Surely is a tail-wagging happy pup, and she's ready and waiting to start her new life with a new, forever family.

With regular exercise and some training in doggie manners, Surely is sure to be an ideal family member! So, if you have room in your life for this perpetually optimistic canine, then come on out and fall in love with Surely, today! You surely won't be disappointed with this really great girl!

We found Surely through East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Meet Bunny!

Bunny was turned over to the shelter by a friend of her family. Her owner moved away and left her with a relative who didn't like her. The friend rescued her and brought her to rescue.

She is a sweet girl and loves everyone. She gets along well with all her canine friends, so she'd be great on those car outings; just be sure and check into cheap auto insurance before you go, BOL! She is under weight right now but is working on gaining some weight. If you are looking for a lovebug then this is your girl!

We found Bunny through Pointe Coupee Animal Shelter in New Roads, Louisiana.

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Meet Charley!

This is Charley, and he's a one year old chocolate lab mix. Charley is a very friendly dog who loves to play and go on spirited walks. He gets along well with other dogs and is very skilled with a rousing game of fetch.

He'll need some training, like all dogs do. So you may want to look into teaching degree online to get you ready to train him!

We found Charley through Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi in Pelahatchie, Mississippi.

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Meet Dottie!

Dottie is a fun Great Pyranees mix who is three months old in this photo taken on 4/18/11. She's lovable and ready to play!

She's gonna be a big one so you may want to look into 5th wheel insurance for those fun trips, just kidding! BOL!

We found Dottie through Louisville Friends of the Animals in Louisville, Mississippi.

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Meet Daisy!

Daisy is a 9 month old rat terrier mix puppy who needs a home. She weighs 11 pounds. Daisy is a courtesy post and not with the Little Bits Dog Rescue, so not much is known about here. But she is short hair, so you won't need any hand dryers to get her dry after a bath!

We found her through a posting by Little Bits Rescue & Adoption in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Max!

Max is being boarded until he finds his forever home. Someone found him and brought him in. He is very energetic and playful. He loves to run and play in the yard and is good with other dogs.

He is quite smart, and will need a secure fence unless you want him socializing all over the neighborhood... but he will always come home to his people. Why not look at Max with all that money you received instead of going out to buy gold online, BOL! Max is a very happy, loving boy.

We found Max through Birmingham's Animal Adoption and Rescue Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Meet Suzi!

Meet Suzi. She is a puppy mill survivor, 5 years old. She is now spayed, up-to-date on shots and ready for her forever home. She walks well on a leash and is housebroken. Suzi is not good with small children. She needs a quiet environment with lots of love, and will give you back GoldFellow gold for cash that you're heart desires :).

Suzi is a loving little dog but can be anxious if there is too much activity. She also has a cataract in one eye which will be evaluated in Athens soon.

We found Suzi through the Heart of Georgia Humane Society in Macon, Georgia.

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Meet Frankie!

Frankie is a intelligent and devoted boy! A very high energy dog that can turn it off and cuddle while you watch TV, so you won't have to look into to keep you looking fit!

At 34lbs, he can almost fit in your lap! He is housebroken, crate trained, micro-chipped, heartworm negative and on prevenatives, and is currently being "clicker" trained. While he's not playing with all his foster brother and sisters, he loves chewing on his treat-filled Kong. He loves children, too.

We found Frankie through FURever Friends Humane Society in Gray, Georgia.

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Meet Colby!

Colby is an adorable 9 lb Toy Poodle. He is only 1 1/2 yrs old and what a beauty he is!

He loves everybody and everything, including himself in the mirror (hee hee!). Colby is good with cats and other dogs. He is pretty high energy, has done well in a crate, and is coming along well with housebreaking.

Colby is a pretty fast learner, but will require some patience at times, he is occasionally timid around things he's never seen before or sudden loud noises. He recovers himself well though, and he loves to snuggle on the couch and to go for long walks.

We found Colby through Thirdtyme Rescue in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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Meet Everest!

Everest is a handsome blue brindle male who seems generally good-natured, but his manners are a little rough around the edges.

His rescuers think he's about two years old. His new family will need some patience and the willingness to spend training time. And he's a big boy, so you may want to look into some little horse equipment, may come in handy to have some things just a little bigger for him, like water bowls, BOL! Everest has been neutered, has had his stomach tacked, and is up-to-date with routine shots. Everest is being fostered in Woodstock, IL

We found Everest through Cane Corso Rescue in Monroe, New Jersey.

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Meet Piper!

Piper is a sweet, older girl looking for a loving family. She's very people oriented and loves to be petted. She would make a great addition to any home.

You'll want to be sure and get one of those cellular booster antenna's so you can call your friends from anywhere to tell them all about her!

We found Piper through the Humane Society of Delaware County in Delaware, Ohio.

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Meet Holly!

We're turning it over to Holly today!

"Hi, I'm Holly! I'm a friendly girl with a lovable personality! I'm energetic and I like to play with everyone - kids, other dogs, even cats! I'm a Dalmatian mix and, like many Dalmatians, I was born deaf. But I still loved to be loved, just like any other doggie. And, the staff and volunteers here are working to teach my commands with sign language. Won't you come meet me today?"
Holly looks like a great gal, fun, loves everything including Hats for Men, which we've found that some pups can be a little scared of like my sis Gracie, but not Holly!

We found Holly through the SPCA, Inc., in Lakeland, Florida.

For more information about Holly, click here! And visit our Squidoo lens, to learn about Deaf Dogs.

Meet Koba!

This guy is 6-years-old, but you'd never know it from his energy levels.

Koba is very obedient and smart! He is friendly with other dogs, he weighs about 75 lbs. and is an all-around good dog that needs a home of his own.

We found Koba through Buddy's Buddies Animal Rescue, Inc., in Avon Park, Florida.

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Meet Peter!

Peter is a wheaten colored, male Cairn terrier who loves other dogs and loves people. His rescuers are looking for a home for Peter that has another young dog for him to play with, preferably a female, as he plays hard all day with the other Cairns in his foster home and would miss that.

They think a female would be best because if there are other male dogs in the house, Peter will mark his territory. Peter gets along well with all the cairns in his foster home, even with the ones that don't like other dogs -- they do like Peter. He also loves to jump on your lap and spend time sitting there, watching TV with you, on your lap of course. He is a very smart and sweet (and handsome) cairn. A fenced-in yard would also be a plus, as he loves running and chasing squirrels and birds.

We found Peter through Cairn Rescue USA in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

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Meet Charlie!

Charlie is about eight years old and neutered.

He has found himself in the shelter for the second time. The first time he was a stray, and the second time, he was returned because his adopter was a little older and found that Charlie was too much for her to handle.

While living with his adopter, Charlie took a disliking to the neighbors dog, and that did cause problems. He did live with a cat, and that went fine, however, if outside, Charlie would chase cats. Charlie is older, but still quite energetic for his age.

He will need lots of quality time exercising with his new family. If you have other dogs at home, you should bring them in to meet Charlie, prior to adopting him, simply because he doesn't get along with all dogs. He has been found to be able to go for walks with other canine companions at the shelter, and do very well.

We found Charlie through the Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney, New York.

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Meet Simon!

We're turning it over to Simon today!

"I'm a handsome fellow that would love to share my life with you. I've lived with two other dogs before, my mother Tasha and sister Shelby. I'm eager to take regular walks again, and also have the comfort of having a place to lay my head at night.

At only 4 years old, I have great potential, and would be willing to learn in return for the affection that you'll give me. Please give me a second chance. My name is Simon and I'm a very affectionate Husky -- something that is somewhat opposite of what Huskies can be!

I love to give hugs and I'm very loyal. I am housetrained and know some basic commands. I share a kennel with two canine companions but I have to be honest and say I'd prefer to be the only pet so I can have your one and only attention. I will miss you when you're away from home, so I like to have my own crate to stay in where I feel safe and sound. I love to lounge on a big cushy dog bed."
We met Simon through Heart of the Catskills Humane Society in Delhi, New York.

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Meet Hank!

Hank is a very sweet middle aged male Basset who is very handsome. He is calm and social and loves to sleep in his crate at night. He gets on well with all people, children and other dogs. He is cheerful and happy in a low energy way.

We found Hank through Maine Bassets and Buddies in Rockport, Maine.

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Meet Jake!

Jake is a wonderful 1.5 year old male who loves treats, is very gentle and will stay off the furniture unless invited. He is very mellow for a one year old.

We found Jake through New Life Boxer Rescue in Oakland, Maine.

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Meet Smudge!

The Boston Terrier is sometimes referred to as the American Gentleman, and Smudge is a perfect example of his breeds nickname.

He is handsome, well-mannered, and happy-go-lucky. Smudge has excellent manners. He already knows how to sit, lie down, stay, come, walk nicely on leash, and he is housebroken and accustomed to living as a house pet. He will greet you by gleefully bouncing around your ankles, giving you kisses, and then settling down for some petting. He loves toys and treats, and has a great sense of humor and playfulness.

Boston Terriers can live well into their teens, so Smudge is around middle age for his breed, and still has many happy years ahead of him. Smudge was brought to CVHS because his family could no longer care for him properly and thought he would be happier in a new home.

We found Smudge through the Central Vermont Humane Society in East Montpelier, Vermont.

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Meet Amelia!

Meet Amelia, she's a petite 10.6 lb. Buff & White Imperial Shih Tzu who is almost 5 1/2 yrs. old.

A former breeder in a commercial kennel, she is ready for a home of her own now. Amelia has been in her current foster home since late Jan. 2011, and she is a sweet, easy to love girl; eager to please, willing & easy for both our vet & groomer to work with.

She has been spayed and is reliably housetrained; HW Neg., and UTD on all exams & vacc. Amelia should have a dog companion to buddy up with, and a fully fenced yard as she has learned to LOVE the freedom of running as fast as she can! For more information about Amelia, please send in an application. She is being fostered in Southern New England.

We found Amelia through Getting All Rescued And Rehomed, Inc., in Montpelier, Vermont.

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Meet Jasper!

Jasper has been completely misunderstood for most of his life. He has been in rescue for a couple of years now.

In the begginning he was brought to rescue by a couple that no longer wanted him.. They said he was "just too much " and "would not shut up." His rescuers found out that he must have been abused, because he has a lot of fears including men, mops, brooms, hoses, anything that you carry and push or pull. He is also very afraid of hats, hoodies, bicycles, and objects that move too fast.

A calm person and quiet home is needed for Jasper, with no children of any age, no other dogs and no cats - he needs to be the one and only.

We found Jasper through the Meriden Humane Society in Meriden, Connecticut.

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Meet Flash!

Flash is a very, very sweet young man that is looking to find his forever home to share his love with. He is super friendly and loves to cuddle.

Flash is currently in a foster home with another male dog, a cat and 2 teenage children. He gets along great with all, but he does like to chase the cat to play with him. Please consider Flash as he would make a great addition to your family.

We found Flash through Puppy Angels in Hopkinton, New Hampshire.

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Meet Colby!

We're turning it over to Colby today!!!

"Hi, my name is Colby. I am a 9 year young Hairless.
My foster mother says that I am just the sweetest guy with big personality. I have made new dog and cat friends at my foster home whom I enjoy spending time with. I do a great job alerting my foster mom when someone is coming into the yard but I am not an excessive barker. I LOVE food!!! I really enjoy getting out of the house for car rides and walks. I am learning to walk better on a leash as I sometimes will pull. But this is only because I am so excited to be out.
I also have been working really hard on house training. It seems that if I am able to get outside every couple of hours I am ok. I am looking for a nice quite environment with people home most of the time. I just LOVE the company of my people and really do not like to be home alone much. I do have some separation anxiety at times. I would be happy to live with other dogs or cats as long as they would be nice to me."
We found Colby though Bare Paws Rescue in Gilford, New Hampshire.

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Meet Buddy!

Buddy is such a sweet dog. He needs a family that will be able to work with him on training as he is still is a young man; and he will need someone that will care for him as well as love him for the beautiful dog that he is. Buddy has a wonderful temperament.

We found Buddy through Meriden Humane Society in Meriden, Connecticut.

For more information about Buddy, click here!

Meet Priscilla!

Priscilla is back in rescue, and it is nothing that she had done wrong. It's just the mere fact that she is so energetic for the family that they thought she needed more than they could offer her.

Priscilla is a good girl.. very playful and loveable. She is 2 years old, was surrendered to rescue by a person who no longer wanted the responsibility of having a dog. This person had gotten her from a friend who no longer wanted her. So she ended up in rescue.

Priscilla is a little confused after all the shuffling around and she would love to have a stable home.. a family that will be responsible for her, love her and will enjoy playing with her. She must be the only dog - she is dog aggressive and cannot be allowed near other dogs. But would make a great dog for a knowledgeable family looking for a one dog home.

We found Priscilla through Meriden Humane Society in Meriden, Connecticut.

For more information about Priscilla, click here!

Meet Martha!

Puppy Martha is a darling little Beagle/Pointer Mix puppy who is about 14 weeks old and looking for a great family to join.

When you meet her you cannot help but note how black her eyes are and how deeply she looks at you. She is smart, she is confident and she can take charge. She is gorgeous and fun and a great little girl who will make a family most complete.

She is only 19 pounds right now and will be ready for a new home the middle of April. She is getting current on her shots right now and will be spay April 4th.

This little girl may grow up to be about 40-50 lbs as an adult. She is not a hyper puppy, but a very nicely tempered and cuddly girl. She in a home with young children and does beautifully. She would be great with a family with really young children because she would not be too active and hurt them since herEnergy level is more calming.

We found Martha through Critter Cavalry Rescue New England in Coventry, Rhode Island.

For more information about Martha, click here!

Meet Cooper!

Cooper is a 2 1/2 year old black lab. He is good with other dogs, cats and older children. Cooper is used to living in a home, knows basic obedience and is housebroken.

We found Cooper through Paws for Life in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

For more information about Cooper, click here!