Meet Charlie!

Charlie is about eight years old and neutered.

He has found himself in the shelter for the second time. The first time he was a stray, and the second time, he was returned because his adopter was a little older and found that Charlie was too much for her to handle.

While living with his adopter, Charlie took a disliking to the neighbors dog, and that did cause problems. He did live with a cat, and that went fine, however, if outside, Charlie would chase cats. Charlie is older, but still quite energetic for his age.

He will need lots of quality time exercising with his new family. If you have other dogs at home, you should bring them in to meet Charlie, prior to adopting him, simply because he doesn't get along with all dogs. He has been found to be able to go for walks with other canine companions at the shelter, and do very well.

We found Charlie through the Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney, New York.

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