Meet Holly!

We're turning it over to Holly today!

"Hi, I'm Holly! I'm a friendly girl with a lovable personality! I'm energetic and I like to play with everyone - kids, other dogs, even cats! I'm a Dalmatian mix and, like many Dalmatians, I was born deaf. But I still loved to be loved, just like any other doggie. And, the staff and volunteers here are working to teach my commands with sign language. Won't you come meet me today?"
Holly looks like a great gal, fun, loves everything including Hats for Men, which we've found that some pups can be a little scared of like my sis Gracie, but not Holly!

We found Holly through the SPCA, Inc., in Lakeland, Florida.

For more information about Holly, click here! And visit our Squidoo lens, to learn about Deaf Dogs.