Meet Peter!

Peter is a wheaten colored, male Cairn terrier who loves other dogs and loves people. His rescuers are looking for a home for Peter that has another young dog for him to play with, preferably a female, as he plays hard all day with the other Cairns in his foster home and would miss that.

They think a female would be best because if there are other male dogs in the house, Peter will mark his territory. Peter gets along well with all the cairns in his foster home, even with the ones that don't like other dogs -- they do like Peter. He also loves to jump on your lap and spend time sitting there, watching TV with you, on your lap of course. He is a very smart and sweet (and handsome) cairn. A fenced-in yard would also be a plus, as he loves running and chasing squirrels and birds.

We found Peter through Cairn Rescue USA in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

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