Meet Smudge!

The Boston Terrier is sometimes referred to as the American Gentleman, and Smudge is a perfect example of his breeds nickname.

He is handsome, well-mannered, and happy-go-lucky. Smudge has excellent manners. He already knows how to sit, lie down, stay, come, walk nicely on leash, and he is housebroken and accustomed to living as a house pet. He will greet you by gleefully bouncing around your ankles, giving you kisses, and then settling down for some petting. He loves toys and treats, and has a great sense of humor and playfulness.

Boston Terriers can live well into their teens, so Smudge is around middle age for his breed, and still has many happy years ahead of him. Smudge was brought to CVHS because his family could no longer care for him properly and thought he would be happier in a new home.

We found Smudge through the Central Vermont Humane Society in East Montpelier, Vermont.

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