Meet Crockett!

Crockett is a very bouncy, fun, clown of a dog. Belly rubs are a favorite and he loves to be picked up and cuddled. He gets along with some other dogs and likes cats all the ones with name badges!.

Crockett walks well on leash and enjoys walks in the country and around town but doesn't want to be petted by strangers. He loves being a buddy and hanging out with the guys. Crockett has a slightly crooked front leg (from birth) but it doesn't keep him from enjoying all kinds of companionable activities.

So far Crockett hasn't shown an interest in fetching, but loves a treat filled Kong toy or a tough chewy. He is crate trained, and comes with his own.

Crockett would do best with an experienced adopter. If not kept in check by a firm, but gentle hand, he has a tendency to want to take control of the household.

We found Crockett through Safe Haven Kennel in Yerington, Nevada.

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