Meet Marina!

Give a warm welcome to lovely Marina! She is a beautiful little 40 lb. girl with a personality to match. Poor Marina was abandoned in an apartment building by her former owners after they moved.

She can be selective about her canine friends, so she'd do best in a home with a submissive male, or as an only pet (she's not good with kitties). You can put that jeux ps3 and get out the toys, because Marina loves to play ball, and now that the weather is getting nice, what better than to have a dog who will love to play fetch outside for hours? She is also housebroken.

We found Marina through Dont Bully My Breed Inc., in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Meet Maddie!

Maddie is a great little girl with a very loving disposition. She enjoys going on long walks and also just sitting by your side.

Maddie was found as a stray, so her rescuers don't know much about her history or behavior patterns. They estimated her to be one year old. She is a Bichon/Poodle mix.

Maddie has received a distemper and bordetella vaccination. She has also had a parasite treatment. She will be spayed and microchipped before she goes to a new home.

We found Maddie through the Animal Rescue League in Marshalltown, Iowa.

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Meet Mocha!

Today we're turning it over to Mocha!

"Hey there, my name is Mocha and I am just as sweet as it implies. I just love attention and I am looking for a new home where I can get plenty of it.
I get along well with just about everyone I meet, but do tend to chase cats because I think it's fun. There were young children in my previous home and they were some of my favorite people. My previous owners could no longer keep me because they didn't have a fence and being the adventurous girl that I am, I wandered off. Please consider adopting me because I am a really well-behaved girl who has a lot of love to give to the right person."
We found Mocha through the Tri-County Humane Society in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

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Meet Allie!

Allie gets along with all dogs, kids and cats. She is a lover and cuddler, walks well on a leash, and likes riding in the car!

She knows sit, down, outside, and come. Allie loves doggie toys! She does not have any aggression whatsoever. She loves hugs and kisses, and is a very well socialized girl that is very intelligent. She has excellent eye contact when you are talking to her. She is still a puppy so you will still need to teach her the basics and more!

We found Allie through Kathy's Animal Rescue Express in Milaca, Minnesota.

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Meet Clara!

Clara is a a very friendly girl and adores people. She really craves whatever attention you will give.

Clara is a spayed female Coonhound Cross with an approximate birth date of December 2002. She came to the Central Dakota Humane Society as a stray.

We found Clara through the Central Dakota Humane Society in Mandan, North Dakota.

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Meet Mr. Tick!

Mr. Tick is a male Wire Haired Terrier mix who is about a year old. He is in serious need of a grooming!

He also is named Mr.Tick because he came in totally covered in ticks. Poor guy!

He is pretty friendly, but also has an independent side so a fenced in yard would be the best option for him. Not much is known about his background as he was a stray. Come out and meet Mr. Tick and see if you have room in your heart for him, and help him get a new name!

We found Mr. Tick through the James River Humane Society in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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Meet Millie!

Millie was found wandering around town and is ready for a new home. She is a little shy at first and warms up quickly. Millie is about one year old and looks like a purebred golden retriever, but she is rather small for a golden retriever. She is leashbroken and loves to go out for walks.

We found Millie through the Beadle County Humane Society in Huron, South Dakota.

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Meet Prince!

Prince was found wandering around Yale, South Dakota and is ready for a new home.

He is about three years old. Prince is good with farm animals and would be a welcome companion around the farm. He is leash friendly, playful and seems to like everyone he meets.

We found Prince through Beadle County Humane Society in Huron, South Dakota.

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Meet Babs!

We're turning it over to Babs today!

"I don't miss a thing, but loud sounds sometimes frighten me. I am a delicate little lady with a great deal of energy. I am looking for a loving home that will help build my confidence and encourage my adventuresome nature. A fenced yard and a leash will help to keep me safe. I am 7 pounds and I am micro-chipped."
We found Babs through the Heartland Pet Connection in Hastings, Nebraska.

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Meet Stewie!

We're turning it over to Stewie today!

"Hi, I'm Stewie! I'm a 4-year-old male Cocker Spaniel. I was brought to the shelter as a stray and am now looking for a forever home!
I am a sweet, yet independent, dog. I don't need someone with me 24/7 for me to be happy, but I'll always look forward to spending time with you! I am a very laid-back boy with a low-to-moderate energy level. I would love to go on short walks to see the world and get some exercise, but I'd also enjoy just spending a rainy evening at home watching old movies!
I would be the perfect dog for a family or single person who is looking for someone to greet them at the door after a long day of work or school! If you're looking for an easy-going, low-maintenance dog to make your house a home, look no further!"
We found Stewie through the Central Nebraska Humane Society in Grand Island, Nebraska.

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Meet Digger!

Today, we're turning it over to Digger!

"Hi, Im Digger and I want to be your new best friend. I came from a home where I didn't get along with their other dog (which happened to be my brother, and they had me my whole life), but here I have lots of pack mates (9 in all that I live with right now) and we all get along just fine.

In my last home in the country they had cats and I did chase after them and play with them, but I didnt ever hurt them so if you have kitties and you dont think they would mind me playing with them, I could even go home with you! What I really want is a new family of my own. I love having my belly rubbed, being brushed, splashing around in the water, and just hanging out and relaxing with my human friends. I am ready to give lots of attention to my new family. Snuggles, Digger."

Meet Baby Girl!

Baby is a sweet, one year old Lhasa female that was rescued from a puppy mill. She loves attention and loves to be picked up!

Baby is now learning about the good life, good food, a soft cushy bed, doggie friends to play with out in the yard! One of her eyes is half blue. She is looking forward to a family of her own to show her how great life can be for a cute little doggie!

We found Baby through S.H. Animal Alliance in Jewell, Iowa.

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Meet Freeda!

Freeda was abandoned in the country and in danger of being shot.

She was very traumitized by trying to survive and we had to use a live trap to get her. Obviously she has been chased off by people one too many times. This is a smart girl as she kept getting the bait, setting off the trap but not getting caught. Persistence paid off and she is safe. She is a leader and a dominant dog so would do best with a confident male dog or as an only dog.

Freeda seems to be about 1.5-2 years old, and may be a GSD and Heeler mix. She is very sweet, smart and friendly and will make someone a wonderful companion. She likes to play in a kiddie pool so you may want an undermount kitchen sink to keep your kitchen clean after clean up. She's a pretty good fetcher too! She will need a fenced yard to keep her safe and she is a young, healthy, active girl.

We found Freeda through H.E.A.R.T. in Eldora, Iowa.

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Meet Beau!

Beau is a very sweet Maltise/Peke boy. He is house broken, crate trained, walks well on leash, likes to go for car rides, and good with kids and dogs.

Beau is strong minded so he needs a good pack leader. He will make an awesome companion for an active senior. He is smart, a little sassy and sweet as can be! This little guy needs a home where his family will keep him socialized, he doesn't like being a homebody!

We found Beau through Barkley Woods K9 Camp in Fulton, Missouri.

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Meet May!

May is a sweet, wonderful girl. She is playful, friendly and good-natured, and she loves everyone she meets. She seems uninterested in cats, and gets along well with most other dogs. She walks well on a leash and just loves hugs and cuddles.

May came to the shelter when she was just a few months old. She was adopted twice, but through no fault of her own was returned and has lived the majority of her life with in rescue. She would just love to find her special person, someone who would take her home and love her. The third time could be a charm! She really is a neat dog, and would make someone a wonderful pal.

We found May through Callaway Hills Animal Shelter in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

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Meet SuzyQ!

SuzyQ is 14 weeks old. She is a very sweet little girl that loves other dogs and children and doesn't mind cats either.

SuzyQ is deaf and will need a home that has had experience working with and training deaf dogs. SuzyQ is currently in a foster home working on training and housebreaking now. SuzyQ was turned in by her owner because they moved to Junction City an didn't know when they moved here that pit bulls are not legal.

We found SuzyQ through Friends of Animals Inc., in Junction City, Kansas.

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Meet Buckwald!

Buckwald is an 8 month old taupe colored Dachshund mix. He is full of energy!!

He seems to love everyone he meets, however can be a little shy when in a new situation-he sure comes around really quickly though and soon enough he's right at your feet jumping up to say hello!

Buckwald has a love for life and he may be a little bit of a 'high maintenence' dog, for lack of a better term. He would undoubtedly do best in a home where there is a lot of activity that he can tag along with or be a part of. You may even want to try some swimming, but be sure and pick up some fishing clothing so you don't get all wet, BOL!

He has an extremely outgoing personality (once he passes that first initial few second shyness!) We are quite certain the boy can play, play and play some more once he settles into his home environment. He appears to be at least partly housetrained if not all the way.

We found Buckwald through Caring Hands Humane Society in Newton, Kansas.

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Meet Daisy Lou!

We're turning it over to Daisy Lou today!

"Hello! My name is Daisy Lou and I'm 2 years old. I'm a very good girl, I'm potty trained and I know my house manners. I'm very affectionate and I love to get lots of attention. I am great with other dogs, kids, and adults. I am good with cats too but sometimes I will chase them around for fun. I really like to play...a lot! I especially like playing with my doggie friends."
We found Daisy Lou through Red Dirt Boxer Rescue in Harrah, Oklahoma.

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Meet Joe!

Joe is very smart and knows sit, heel, down and can open just about any gate! He's a smart little fella that loves other dogs and likes to please you. The vet says he is just about 1 year old, maybe alittle younger. He went to a fair today in Norman and there was horses, wagons and lots of people and he remained calm and was great on a leash despite all the excitement!! Joe is a very socialable dog.

We found Jim through Saving Pets At Risk in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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Meet Gary!

This wonderful dog is Gary. He's healthy, up to date on all his vaccinations, and confirmed heartworm-negative. He's 6 years old and 50 pounds. Gary is eligible for Sister's Fund!

Sister's Fund is a training scholarship fund for predominantly black dogs. Black dogs are often overlooked by adopters, but please don't overlook Gary - he will make a great addition to your home! This fund allows you to receive $75 towards the cost of a training class or one free training class, whichever is less.

Gary was found as a stray on September 24, 2010 wandering around Leander all alone. UPDATE: March 2011. Gary is currently living in a foster home, and would love more than anything to find a forever home.

We found Gary through Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas.

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Meet Isabella!

Isabella is a Great Pyrenees mix, she weighs about 70 lbs. She was found abandoned in Whitney, TX.

She would love a family, and would be great with children to wrestle with. She would roll over on her back and let them rub her belly. She was heartworm positive, and has been treated. Isabella has a bright future as a healthy happy dog.

We found Isabella through Love to Spare in Eddy, Texas.

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Meet Sandy!

Sandy is a very happy, playful, energetic dog who needs a great home! She was adopted from the shelter and returned a few days later because her owners were moving.

She's healthy and won't need a Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer, BOL! Sandy is looking for a loving, permanent family to call her own, and would make a wonderful family pet.

We found Sandy through 2nd Chance Animal Shelter Cen-Tex Humane Society in Killeen, Texas.

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Meet Picaso!

Picaso is very friendly with people and dogs. He is learning a few manners and is full of energy. He will need another dog to play with and an active family. Heelers are smart and excel at agility training.

We found Picaso through East Side Herding Small Dog Rescue in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Meet Charlie Chan!

Charlie Chan is six years old.

He currently weighs 18 pounds, but could lose a pound or two. He has not made a sound since he has been in foster care. Charlie came to rescue with a intestinal issue, probably picked it up at the shelter. Now that he is feeling better he is wagging his tail and tapping his feet for attention.

We found Charlie Chan through Quixote Humane in Peralta, New Mexico.

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Meet Daisy!

We're turning it over to Daisy today!

"I'm looking for an active family who will be committed to my training and exercise. I'm very affectionate and want to be the center of attention. I love to play. I've lived with other dogs, but I am way too bossy for some, so I would like to meet yours before adoption. I'm not a good dog for small children."
We found Daisy through the Nevada Humane Society in Reno, Nevada.

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Meet Rexxx!

Rexxx was surrendered to the shelter because of the economy. He is a little shy but warms up quickly..He is very active and loves to play with the kids.

We found Rexxx through the City of Fallon Animal Shelter in Fallon, Nevada.

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Meet Georgie!

Georgie loves to annoy the Chihuahuas (just because he can), snuggle up with his human, and run around the house with the other dogs.

He has long fur, a Scottie-like head, with a longish Corgi-like body. He is just as lovable and comical as can be!

We found Georgie through Tasha Ohana Animal Sanctuary in Hilo, Hawaii.

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Meet Yoda!

Oatmeal is Yoda's favorite snack!

She has loads of confidence, and loves to find treasures such as sticks or toys and prance around with them. She plays with the cats and the dogs. Not sure how big she will be, she seems to have some Shar Pei in her due to the wrinkly skin around her neck.

Yoda taught herself to do her business on the grass. She will need a family or person who has the time to play with her and take her to obedience class (all dogs should be taught basic obedience).

We found Yoda through Tasha Ohana Animal Sanctuary in Hilo, Hawaii.

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Meet RomaRoo!

Roma was in the shelter with steel buildings for over 6 months waiting for a home. She came from a neglectful home and was pregnant upon arrival. She was a great mother but six months after all her puppies were adopted she still hasn't found a home. She was on the euth list two months ago and her rescuers just couldn't stand seeing her in there any more.

She is good with people of all ages and a really sweet dog. She's a dominant female, but good with most other dogs her size or bigger. No small dogs or cats please; or chickens. She really likes chickens :) Roma was housebroken prior to coming to the shelter and should do fine given a bit of a refresher course.

Because Roma has shown an aptitude for it, she is available for a mushing home. The shelter does not adopt out to large mushing operations, but a recreational team would love her.

We found RomaRoo through Adopt A Dog AK in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Meet Curley!

This is Curly. Curly weighs about 12 lbs., and is full grown.

Curly likes to hang around with Moe at the rescue, but any dog will do. He's about a year old, very friendly and just want attention.

We met Curly through PAWS Precious Animals Worth Saving in Fowler, California.

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