Meet Buckwald!

Buckwald is an 8 month old taupe colored Dachshund mix. He is full of energy!!

He seems to love everyone he meets, however can be a little shy when in a new situation-he sure comes around really quickly though and soon enough he's right at your feet jumping up to say hello!

Buckwald has a love for life and he may be a little bit of a 'high maintenence' dog, for lack of a better term. He would undoubtedly do best in a home where there is a lot of activity that he can tag along with or be a part of. You may even want to try some swimming, but be sure and pick up some fishing clothing so you don't get all wet, BOL!

He has an extremely outgoing personality (once he passes that first initial few second shyness!) We are quite certain the boy can play, play and play some more once he settles into his home environment. He appears to be at least partly housetrained if not all the way.

We found Buckwald through Caring Hands Humane Society in Newton, Kansas.

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