Meet Digger!

Today, we're turning it over to Digger!

"Hi, Im Digger and I want to be your new best friend. I came from a home where I didn't get along with their other dog (which happened to be my brother, and they had me my whole life), but here I have lots of pack mates (9 in all that I live with right now) and we all get along just fine.

In my last home in the country they had cats and I did chase after them and play with them, but I didnt ever hurt them so if you have kitties and you dont think they would mind me playing with them, I could even go home with you! What I really want is a new family of my own. I love having my belly rubbed, being brushed, splashing around in the water, and just hanging out and relaxing with my human friends. I am ready to give lots of attention to my new family. Snuggles, Digger."