Meet Luke!

Luke is one of several puppies available. They will all likely be large dogs when fully grown.

The pups are parasite free, inside and out. Interceptor heartworm preventative is given the first of each month. Everyone is microchipped. Their main diet consists of high quality, dry puppy food and plenty of treats. Rawhide, squeaky latex toys and plush toys are favorites. Raw carrots are a snack that everyone enjoys.

All the puppies have the run of the shelter during the day and go in and out as they choose. Everyone shares at the food bowls. They come when they are called and each one is praised for doing so. The puppies are very good at entertaining themselves and it is obvious that they enjoy the hours that they can play together and explore. The wading pools are very popular for taking the plunge and cooling off. Thunder and lightening does not bother them. Playing in the rain is major fun.

All the pups are very social with every volunteer or visitor. Being cuddled, petted or played with is always the very best part of the day for each one of them. They are alert, curious and happy. Crate training is progressing well. A visible, secure, fenced yard is preferred.

We found Luke through Animal Placement Agency of the Windsors in West Windsor, New Jersey.

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