Meet Bailey!

Bailey is a bronze colored, handsome Pekingese. He is small, lithe, wiry, with long flowing hair, and little dynamo of energy, full of curiosity. He was brought to rescue in November, '09, because of a bite. But he had been in the wrong household for a Peke.

Bailey is very smart...he knows sit, lie down, stay, and is great on a leash. He travels well. And his curiosity..he must have felt his life was sheltered, for he's always exploring. Sometimes, too, we have trouble finding him, if he's out in a run he picks a place to watch things happen, but where he can't be seen.

Bailey is 5 years old (DOB 9/5/2005). He weighs 17 lbs. He is in excellent health. He had Lyme Disease in the past before he came to us, but it was well treated...though it may have accounted for some of his crankiness with the family.
Bailey H.would like to find another home, with a Peke person, and no children to bother him.

We found Bailey through Small Dog Rescue in Princeton, New Jersey.

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