Meet Justin!

Are you looking for a hiking and running buddy with whom you can share in all the fun - well, then Justin is the boy for you!

This young guy is a real sweetheart who is currently enrolled in the HOPE (Hounds of Prison Education) Program and making phenomenal progress in the training department!

Justin is about 2 years old and had minimal physical and mental stimulation in the early stages of his life. When he first entered the program, Justin needed help learning how to focus on his handler, control his urges to chase and learn how to greet people without jumping or mouthing. Justin has made significant progress in every area he needed to and was most recently given the green light to be taken out to public events!

Just is a super smart boy with loads of energy. As such, no "couch potato" owners need apply. This boy loves people and attention - and must have an owner willing to exercise him. You also may want to look into an op to buy a composter online, and keep it green and healthy in your yard and in your home!

We found Justin through Furry Friends Network in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

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