Meet Mallory!

Mallory was 15 weeks old on July 16. At times she looks like a shepherd when her ears are up, but more border collie when her ears are floppying down.

Mallory is so sweet, but extremely timid and shy. It takes her days before she trusts people and will need guardians who are especially patient, kind, and soft-spoken. She can't be forced into doing things, but she is food motivated and will try new things if given time.

She is completely happy playing with other dogs of all sizes and ages. She gains confidence by watching other dogs and we prefer that she goes to a home that has another easy-going dog. She is kind to cats. Because her flight response when startled by loud noises or unfamiliar things is strong she needs to go to a home that can provide a fenced in yard.

We found Mallory through Every Dogs Dream in Greene, New York.

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