Meet Annie!

Meet Annie. She was surrendered by her owner because they said they could no longer take care of her. Now she is in a foster home with lots of other play mates.

She gets along very well with dogs, cats, and people. Annie is kind, gentle and a little timid. When she arrived she was skin and bones and had no appetite. She was probably fending for herself for quite awhile. It has been challenging to get her to eat anything, but she is beginning to respond. She does not like dog food, but she has been eating a very special diet of beef, chicken, and lots of other good things for her health.

Annie went to the vet and was tested for heart worms and parasites. The tests were all negative! She is up to date on all of her shots and is estimated to be around eight years of age. She does have a problem with fleas. They will not leave her alone and they cause her to have a rash.

Annie is very well behaved inside and out. She walks politely on a leash and rides well in a car. She has a beautiful trot. She does not seem to know anything about playing and having fun. We are working on that.

Annie is a precious angel that loves to share hugs. She spends most of her time quietly napping. She enjoys a good run around the yard, too. She will need some extra attention until she can get some meat back on her bones.

If you are looking for a quiet sweet companion to nurture and love then Annie is your girl.

We found Annie through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue in Elmdale, Kansas.

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